I feel a special kindred with Spurgeon and his words here. For ever since I have been a Christian I have desired to see the gospel clearly communicated. This is increased as I have become convinced of the biblical reality that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1.16), being eager to see this power delivered to those who need to be so affected.

However, I have encountered a problem for as long as I can remember with the tracts that were available. Often times I find ultra cool looking tracts but they lack the evangelistic clarity to be called gospel tracts (you kinda need the evangel to do evangelism :/ ). On the other extreme I have seen tracts that are strong in terms of gospel presentation but look like something that was made 50 years ago. So I have been dreaming of this reality, clear biblically articulate gospel tracts with a distinctly Calvinistic flavor while also having a fresh aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, I am excited to announce that Irish Calvinist is now making available the gospel tracts that have been featured on this site. I have been able to upload all of the original files so that folks may download and print the files themselves. There are more specifics on the tracts page. I hope to see several others added within the next few months, while also updating this page with fresh tracts as they are produced.

So feel free to download these tracts, forward them to others, and most of all hand them out to people!!

I wonder what Spurgeon would have done with Photoshop!?

Here is the link to the tracts page. Enjoy!!


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10 thoughts on “Get Your Free Reformed Gospel Tracts Here!”

  1. Dani says:

    Hey Erik…just wanted to say thank you for some very cool tracts! I’ve experienced the same frustration… but these are ones I’ll use! Oh and congratulations on being Tim Challies’ pick as “King for the Week!”

    fellow Cornhusker

  2. Mike says:

    Have you checked out the tracks at They aren’t reformed per-say, but they do draw from the use of the law in preparing the heart for the gospel, which ole Spurgeon was fond of, and they are very creative. Thanks for the free tracts though!

  3. Barry says:

    Woo Hoo!! I appreciate the hard work that went into these. I will use them.


    I have actually used some of the tracts from Living Waters Ministry. I really like the way they use the law to point people to their sin.

  4. erik says:

    Dani: thanks and I’m glad you can use these. I feel a little funny saying that I am a cornhusker given that I am a transplant from Mass. but I guess 12 years in a place makes it home.

    Mike, I have seen / used Ray Comfort’s stuff in the past. I really like his creativity with the tracts as well as his zeal. His accent is pretty cool too.


  5. DJ Dickey says:

    “Thanks for a great declaration of the TRUTH! I will look forward to passing these out!

  6. Paul Greenwood says:

    This is a fantastic resource. I will definitely use these. Thank you.

  7. Dan says:

    Hey Erik,
    I’ve used your tracts for awhile.
    I went to look at them,again and to share with another but the links are all broken no matter where I go.

    What’s up bud?

    1. Erik Raymond says:

      Sorry to say Dan, they have been lost forever. Through a job change, server migration, and new blog home, they are a memory. At some point I may make some more. Sorry for the inconvenience brother.

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