Many folks have asked for the audio from Phil Johnson’s teaching at the recent Men’s Breakfast at Omaha Bible Church.  It has been uploaded and may be listened to or downloaded below.

Timeless Attacks on the Gospel

In this session Phil, while rockin’ his team pyro t-shirt under his coat, gave an overview of five major heresies that the church has battled against (Judiaziers, Gnosticisim, Arianism, Pelegianism, and Socinianism).  The bulk of his talk was on the modern day proponents of the fifth breed of heretics, the Socinists.  He argued that the traditional liberal denominations and the modern day left wing emergents are just Socinianism retreaded.  It is a good talk and worth your time.  I recommend it with your favorite blend of robust coffee.

Phil also sat down with our Senior Pastor Pat Abendroth to talk about church history, evangelicalism, the gospel, and John MacArthur.

Interview with Phil Johnson

Overall it was a great weekend with Phil.  I wish I could have spent more time with him one on one but my schedule did not allow it.  He is a great encouragement in his love for Christ, the gospel and the church.

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10 thoughts on “Audio from Phil Johnson at OBC”

  1. Phil Johnson says:

    CLICK HERE to download the chart mentioned in the lecture on Socinianism.

  2. Phil Johnson says:

    The chart referenced in the lecture on Socinianism can be downloaded here:

  3. Gail Peckler-Dziki says:

    Interesting topic, PJ. As I read more about past heresies, I see how history repeats itself. Ecclesiates was correct in stating that there is nothing new under the sun.

  4. Erik says:

    Thanks for the chart Phil.

  5. Ron Amundson says:

    That link and the charts are way way cool, I still need to give a listen to the audio.

    However, why was Chiliasm not covered? In many ways, I think its as damaging as open theism, albeit it doesnt get the negative press, as with the huge marketing machine its invaded even Biblically focused churches.

  6. taco says:

    Oh, wow. Phil had been to your Church…

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