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Monday Morning Humor

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The New Pastor’s Handbook

In addition to being a great friend and associate pastor, Jason Helopoulos is a fine writer who has written another excellent book. If you’ve read Jason’s earlier book on family worship or any number of his popular posts on this site, you know that his writing is inevitably pastoral, practical, and accessible. This book is no exception.

The New Pastor’s Handbook: Help and Encouragement for the First Years of Ministry (Baker) is exactly the sort of book I wanted to read when I was starting out in the ministry. With 48 bite-sized chapters on topics like calling, candidating, reading, using your time wisely, busyness, thankfulness, visitation, discontentment, discouragement, envy, and the privilege of ministry, I’m sure every pastor (of any age) can be helped and encouraged by this book. Interested church members who spend even a half hour in these pages will get a feel for the unique challenges and joys of pastoral ministry.

To give you a sense of what Jason is up to , I’ve pasted chapter 16 below. It’s entitled “Lose Control: Equip the Saints.”

On the heels of chapter 15, this chapter title might strike you as contradictory to my previous discussion about leadership. However, it is essential that these two chapters be understood as complementary and equally necessary. As a pastor, you have to lose control. Perhaps many of you are ready to turn the page and skip to the next chapter. You are a natural leader and have sought leadership opportunities your entire …

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Magnify Conference at University Reformed Church

The Magnify Conference is a two-day conference at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, MI taking place November 20-21, 2015. This conference is a great opportunity to meet other brothers and sisters from mid-Michigan and beyond, as well as hear excellent teaching from my good friend Ligon Duncan (and that’s not just a throwaway line, we actually are good friends!). Dr. Duncan, the Chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary, will speak three times on the topic of sanctification; I will also give a plenary address.

A leader’s breakfast (designed for pastors, elders, and other church leaders) will be offered on Saturday morning. Seating is limited and we always fill up, so sign up soon.

The Magnify Conference is co-sponsored by Covenant Life Community Church, Holt Baptist, Red Cedar Church, South Church, and University Reformed Church.

This is a great conference because the setting is relatively small (several hundred people), the price is dirt cheap (just $10), and most people don’t have to take off work to be there. I hope to see you at URC this November. You’ll meet good folks from dozens of good churches.

You can register for the Magnify Conference here.

Ligon will also be preaching at our church on Sunday morning, November 22 (that service is free, and no registration is necessary!).

Conference Schedule

Friday, November 20

7 pm – Session 1
Ligon Duncan
“Work Because God is at Work in You” (Philippians 2:12-13)

8:30 pm – Session 2
A Conversation Between Kevin DeYoung and Ligon Duncan

Saturday, November 21

9 …

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A Search Committee Is Not a Stealth Committee

Search committees should be confidential committees, but not stealth committees.

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Monday Morning Humor

Very punny.

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Why Don’t Protestants Have a Pope?

However much Protestants and Catholics can work together on social issues, and however much we may share an early creedal tradition, there are still many significant issues which divide us.

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Is Capitalism UnChristian?

The engine of capitalism is the God-given drive, ability, and responsibility to create, to innovate, to conquer and subdue.

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Monday Morning Humor

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Five Suggestions for Christians in the Midst of the Sexual Revolution

Our God tends to do his best work when the odds are most stacked against him.

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Dear Moms, You Do More Than You Know

This great story of divine deliverance–this world famous salvation story that will set the table for the salvation story of Calvary that is yet to come–would never have gotten off the ground if it weren’t for women.

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