Tim Tebow Cancels Speech at Event Organized by Prosperity Gospel Preacher

The Story: Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is canceling an appearance at a revival organized by prosperity gospel preacher Rod Parsley.

The Background: The year’s most talked about Christian athlete was scheduled to speak at a three-day Columbus event in March led by televangelist Parsley. In a phone interview with the Associated Press, Tebow’s brother Robbie said his brother’s speakers’ bureau hadn’t researched the event before saying yes to the invitation.

“I know for a fact that Tim is not going to be a part of it,” Robbie Tebow said. “That’s being resolved.”

Parsley pastors World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio, and heads up World Harvest Ministerial Alliance (WHMA). His church services and personal appearances are telecasted over TBN-TV and Daystar-TV in a program called Breakthrough. Along with his confusion about doctrines like the Trinity (‘The Holy Ghost is no different than Jesus and Jesus is no different than the Holy Ghost. . .”), Parsley teaches that God wants believers to be wealthy. As the AP notes, last year Parsley asked followers to donate more than $1 million to ward off satanic attacks.

Why It Matters: The young quarterback understands that by speaking at the event he would be lending his credibility to men who preach a false gospel. By refusing to speak at the event, he may be able to signal to people unfamiliar with the prosperity gospel that those who believe in the true gospel should avoid publicly associating with these false teachers.

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    • zhansman

      The espn article says Tebow has a contract with the Parsley organization. Sounds like Tebow is between a rock and a hard place.

  • eric

    Now if only James Macdonald had the same discernment.

    • david bartosik

      low blow.

      • andrew

        but true.

  • Stan McCullars

    Good for Tim!

  • Daniel Williams

    You mean we shouldn’t associate with people like T.D. Jakes?

    • Amy

      He is a prosperity teacher too.

      • Kenneth J. Maynor

        I think he also denys the trinity.

    • Heather E. Carrillo

      We can “associate” just not “lend credence to.” Huge difference.

      • Marcus Pittman

        Actually the Bible says we shouldn’t even eat with these people.

        • Heather E. Carrillo

          You….are correct Marcus. That is right, and I didn’t think of that. Yeah, if T.D. Jakes claims to be a believer and is a false teacher then…yes, we aren’t supposed to associate with him either. It’s different if the person doesn’t claim to be a Christian, than by all means, please associate!

        • mel

          you need to be careful when you attack people. Have you carefully listened to the people that you declare false or are you going on what everyone else says? Most of the time, people scream heretic without ever bothering to learn anything about the person. AND I don’t mean just reading a bunch of blogs on what people are saying either. Let’s remember that Paul suffered similar attacks through rumor and slander.

          I’m wondering if all the people that think that MacDonald screwed up still take his word on whoever he may have declared false in the past.

          • Heather E. Carrillo

            @Mel, you need to be careful assuming we haven’t been listening.

          • Gary

            I wouldn’t take James MacDonald’s word on anything these days.

      • Nancy A. Almodovar

        no we are NOT to associate according to Scripture. Ever read 2 John?

    • Kenneth J. Maynor

      Propserity big time I think he also rejects the trinity.

  • echock

    Good, a “love that abounds more and more in knowledge and discernment so that you may approve what is best.”

  • Stan McCullars

    Regardless of what James MacDonald did in the past, he is now coming unhinged as evidenced by his declaring a modalist to be sound theologically and calling those doubt a bunch of old white racists or uncle toms.

    Seems like your call to behavior that is edifying or God-honoring should be directed to Mr. MacDonald whose discernment has been sorely lacking of late.

    • Stan McCullars

      This comment was directed to Mel. Apparently your previous comment was deleted and then reposted.

      Sorry about the confusion.

  • Truth Unites… and Divides

    Who’s worse in terms of being a Prosperity Gospel preacher: TD Jakes or Parsley?

    • Mandi

      If you teach prosperity gospel, you are a false teacher. There is no “worse.”

      • David

        you do err and don’t know your Bible on prosperity,and i think it would do no good to give scriptures because you can’t see .

  • Shelton Brown


  • CJ

    I guess I don’t understand the problem… Tebow is a millionaire, but he doesn’t believe in prosperity?? Why didn’t he just refuse his contract of millions? Before anyone talks about how much Tebow gives away to charity, maybe you should check to see how much Parsley or Jakes gives away first. I like Tebow, just a thought.

    • Heather E. Carrillo

      @CJ, he’s not opposed to “prosperity,” he’s just opposed to “prosperity gospel”…he’s opposed to the belief that God is out to make Christians wealthy.

      • CJ

        But he’s a wealthy Christian. How is that not hypocritical? So, it’s okay to be wealthy, just not to give God the credit?

        • Heather E. Carrillo

          Because some Christians ARE wealthy. Joseph of Arimathea obviously had an important role to play. Tebow should (and I think DOES from what I’ve heard him say) give God the glory for all that God has helped him accomplish. But not every Christian is going to be wealthy, and telling Christians that if they are good enough Christians they will be wealthy…is dangerous.

        • Stan McCullars

          CJ, Do you honestly not see understand that someone can be rich and not believe in a false gospel that claims God wants all Christians to be rich?

          Seriously, do you not see that?

          • CJ

            Stan, I honestly believe that people on this blog condemning Rod Parsley know nothing about him. Listen, I am a Tebow fan, and I don’t even necessarily agree with Parsley. However, if you don’t know anything about someone or if all of your information about something (so called prosperity gospel) /someone (Rod Parsley) is second-hand then just keep quiet.
            There is so much erroneous info being spoken about both things here it’s not even funny. For instance, who told you that Rod Parsley claims that wealth is a sign of salvation or that poverty is a sign of not being right with God? I’ve seen at least three people refer to that here and on facebook.
            Anyway, my point was and is simply that I find it ironic and hypocritical to be against people who speak out in favor of prosperity when you are a millionaire. Seems strange to me.

        • Chris Krycho

          The prosperity gospel is not merely about giving God the credit for material blessings when they’re given. (What Christian group teaches anything else?) It’s teaching that portrays the aim of Christian living as health and wealth, that shows God’s aims as being our material blessings and comfort, that obscures the actual gospel of rescue from sin and judgment to everlasting life by promoting the American dream dressed up in spiritual clothes.

          • CJ

            So again, it’s okay to be prosperous just not promote it as from God? It’s merely a human’s work that produces it?

            • Heather E. Carrillo

              @CJ, No. Everything is from God. If you are wealthy, it is from God. No one anywhere thinks that it’s not. (I really feel like I’ve said this…and so has Chris Kycho) Poverty is also from God and so is suffering. Any minister who teaches that if you are a good Christian God will make you wealthy is dead wrong.

            • Mandi

              As others have also said, the problem isn’t with money, it’s with the teaching that money is necessarily the sign that you are a Christian. All good gifts come from above and so to thank God for what money you earn, however much that is, is right and good. Prosperity gospel teaches that, if you are not healthy and wealthy and happy, you are doing something wrong because those are the ways that God blesses people who are doing everything right.

            • CJ

              So you’ve heard Rod Parsley say, “Prosperity gospel teaches that, if you are not healthy and wealthy and happy, you are doing something wrong because those are the ways that God blesses people who are doing everything right.”??? Or any other so called prosperity preacher???
              I have never heard anyone say that.

            • Tim Trost

              It is in fact the prosperity gospel that makes getting wealth a human work. That if you obey God or have enough faith or in true “Word of Faith” theology you speak “faith filled words”- God is then then obliged to bless you. Its like God is a genie in a bottle.

              These “faith” teachers say it even works for witches.

              Its not faith in God but faith in your own faith.

          • RedWell

            I don’t agree with the “prosperity gospel” folks, but I know that most people condemning them don’t know what they’re talking about. At least cite a representative sample of Parsley’s teachings–saying he wants money to keep out demons sounds like a crude caricature to me. These people preach salvation first and lend an urgency to to evangelism that is missing in much of the church. This blog entry uses the same kind of unreflective stereotypes that are typically applied to Christians in general. Too bad.

            • Stan McCullars

              RedWell, Preaching a false gospel is not evangelism. There is no salvation in a false gospel. Such “preaching” is only worthy of anathema.

            • Victoria

              @CJ.. besides the whole prosperity gospel..the fact he can’t correctly teach the trinity is good enough reason to call him a false teacher. A preacher who clearly teaches the wrong understanding of the God head clearly discredit him as a teacher. Sounds like a good enough reason not to support his “ministry”

  • George

    Anyone who actually followed up on the Elephant Room should understand that T.D. Jakes affirmed the Orthodox Doctrine of the Trinity in front of everyone. He was a Modalist at the beginning of his faith, just like his early peers. In the Elephant Room, however, he was directly asked about his position, and he didn’t stutter to say “yes” to Trinitarian Orthodoxy. His Prosperity Gospel teachings are another story, but at the very least, let us be responsible and honest in how we speak of this.

    • Stan McCullars

      Actually that is not correct. He answered affirmatively to a few woefully inept questions that many modalists could have answered the same way given the qualifications he made such as:

      My doctrinal statement is no different from yours except the word “manifestations” instead of persons, which you describe as modalist and I describe as Pauline.

      Jakes further stated:

      I still have fellowship, associations, relationship, and positions within and without Trinitarian and Onenness movements.

      Now I ask you: What fellowship does light have with darkness?

      • Joshua Shaw

        Stan, how many non-believers are you actually friends with? You are holding your doctrine to such a high regard that when someone who affirms them at a national conference you still doubt them. What more did T.D. Jakes need to say? What more would it take for you to actually quite complaining and bashing on him? I would venture to say nothing would change your opinion.

        Having interaction and fellowship with people who hold to different theological views about the trinity but hold to the same understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ that saves is not sinful. One should be very very cautious of their personal interactions with these types of groups and movements, but it is not sinful to befriend them and interact with them. If someone cares more about their reputation among established believers who read Calvins Institutes more than the Bible then they are wrong which I would argue are many of the pastor and readers of this blog…. Is the oneness movement wrong in their theology of the trinity? Yes. Do people still come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his grace for them in their churches? Yes.

        Wow sir…

        Secondly, your blatant attack upon James Macdonald is quite sad and immature. How about you call him, have a conversation with him, eat lunch with him and say what you say on these comment boards to him? Do you have the guts, or the grounding? I would encourage you to actually befriend some non-believers, apply your theology, and to be about the change in peoples lives and quite critisizing groups and individuals whom you have never met or will never speak to. Fulfill the ministry God has called YOU to. Which I don’t believe is surfing the web for controversy and ways to get upset at other pastors who are sharing the gospel and yearning for the coming reign of Jesus.

        Thank you.

        • Heather E. Carrillo

          @Joshua Shaw: This isn’t a “non-believer.” It’s a believer spreading “obstacles contrary to the doctrine [we]have been taught.” Romans 16:17
          Also, James MacDonald HAS been approached by people who know him. I didn’t find Stan’s comments “immature.” I think we’d all like an example of how they are. He just paraphrased Mr. MacDonald’s actual words and questioned the wisdom of them. Are you not allowed to question others?

        • Stan McCullars

          Joshua, I have many friends who are not believers. Not sure how that is relevant.

          Let me get this straight: if I have serious reservations about someone’s statements it is considered complaining and bashing? Grow up, Joshua.

          Teachers, I’m sure you would agree as Scripture teaches it, are held to a much higher standard and will be judged much more strictly. TD Jakes has a teaching position. He also comes from a background of modalism. Questioning him about his view of the Trinity must involve a careful defining of terms so both sides can be sure of what is actually being communicated. As for what would satisfy me I believe James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries has some ideas for that. Also, the brothers at PyroManiacs also detailed what would be sufficient to accept TD Jakes as a brother in Christ. You should be able to find those sources easily enough. For starters, he should have at least been asked whether he renounces the heresy of modalism.

          You speak of people who hold to the same understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ that saves yet have different ideas about the Trinity. If they have a different god they have a different gospel. If someone teaches a false god they have a false gospel.

          I don’t believe I launched a blatant attack upon James MacDonald. How you arrived at such an opinion escapes me quite frankly.

          You question whether or not I have the guts, or the grounding yet you did it in a comment on a blog. How about you email me, have a conversation with me, eat lunch with me and say what you say on these comment boards to me? I have a very flexible schedule and could meet for lunch or dinner any time you are in the Orlando area.

          There is a faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. It is a faith we are told to contend for. TD Jakes has historically denied that faith and in the Elephant Room on repeated statements he has previously made without clarifying anything. He also teaches a false prosperity gospel. James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll have now declared to the world that what Jakes teaches and believes is orthodox. That is tragic.

          • Joshua Shaw

            Hello Stan, I would absolutely love to dialogue about where you stand on this issue. My frank remarks on my previous comment were intended to provoke thought and controversy because I find it quite sad that people are unable to rejoice in the salvation of souls, even though these church leaders are walking in an incorrect theology and view of the trinity. Yes they are incorrect. Yes they believe God manifests himself in three parts. But also, they believe in the death of Jesus Christ. They believe is his sacrificial atoning work on the cross. AND they believe in salvation by grace through faith. I do not, however, believe that someone who has an “incorrect” view of the trinity is not saved or is “outside of the faith.” I believe they need to be corrected, not rejected.

            Secondly, on the matter of Mr. Macdonald. I spoke because of the reality that no one here has the right to even dialogue about it in a negative tone because of their lack of personal involvement in the situation. Having T.D. Jakes preach at his church and guide the flock he is called to take account for is one thing. Inviting him to a conference to ask questions is entirely different. I am not saying I agree with what has occurred over the past few months, but that does not provide me the right to speak about it as if I was present within the meetings.

            I would thoroughly enjoy talking with you over the phone if you feel it would be necessary to speak. Please email me your number and I will call you asap. I am sure we would both be edified and encouraged by our conversation.

            • Stan McCullars

              Joshua, Thanks for your reply.

              If someone has a different god it doesn’t matter what they believe about anything else. That person is without hope apart from the one true God that is the author of salvation.

              Can people theoretically be saved in spite of heretical teaching? Theoretically yes. God’s Word doesn’t return void. However, in Jakes’ case I think we can reasonably expect bad fruit to come from a bad tree. Sure, someone reading Scripture on their own can be called of God. However, if that person is following Jakes’ (or any other “Oneness” preacher’s) false god and false gospel they are lost and are in need of repentence.

              Regarding MacDonald, he has publicly pronounced Jakes to be orthodox. In doing so publicly he has forfeited any right to a private conversation. Look at how Paul addressed Peter for instance. MacDonald has now broadcast for the world to hear that if you disagree with his pronouncement you are a hater or a racist. I guess he’s the new Pope or something.


              If you would like to speak email me your number. I don’t see your email address. I don’t know how necessary it would be to speak but I’m available on most days.

            • Joshua Shaw

              Stan, Everyone. I wanted to apologize for my previous comments. They were made in frustration and irritation over the situations being blogged and commented about. I agree with the basic premises of all the things that are being stated. I, however, approached my input with a lack of love and care. If I could delete my previous comments I would, sadly I am unable to. So, with that being said. Stan, I was unable to find your email as well and after reading both of our previous comments I believe we would both agree entirely on the topic. If I have offended you, which I probably did for my poor choice of words, I apologize sincerely and hope this could be put to rest.

              Thank you.

            • Stan McCullars

              Joshua, No offense taken…at all.

        • Mandi

          “Having interaction and fellowship with people who hold to different theological views about the trinity but hold to the same understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ that saves is not sinful.”

          You cannot hold to a wrong view of the trinity and have a right understanding of the Gospel. You cannot misunderstand the nature of God that poorly and understand what was done for us in salvation. The trinity is a closed-hand issue, meaning that if you don’t line up with orthodoxy you are outside the faith. This is not my opinion, it is the opinion handed down throughout the past 2000 years of the church.

        • al

          not sinnfull? Blasphemous

      • Dave

        @Stan, I am TRUELY thankful you will not be the one I answer to on judgement day. Your negative spirit proceeds in every word and you sound like a know-it-all, I personally know these men, they are GREAT men of God and faith, they teach and preach TRUTH, salvation through Christs sacrifice, the Gifts of the Spirit in full operation, the 5 fold ministry. They in NO WAY shape or form preach that if you are poor you’re lost, I will pray for your Pharisee spirit. Does anyone know the difference in wealth and greed?? @Mandi, Regarding the Godhead, the Bible says that the FULLNESS of it DWELT IN HIM bodily, I don’t think our Lord is scitzophrenic. “Hear O Israel The Lord is ONE Lord” “there is ONE faith ONE Lord ONE baptism.” Question, If the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and she conceived, then that would make The Holy Ghost The Father not God The Father? Why is it easy to understand the complexity of Gods creation yet we argue over whom he is. I for instance am a FATHER to my children, a SON to my parents and an EMPLOYEE at my job, so am I 3 seperate and distinct people? NO I am 1 person with each characteristic. Lets all preach the simplicity that is in salvation. It is sad that false accusations are posted for unbelievers to read and see how ignorant some Christians act, It is shamefull and I would be careful what I say about someone, in due time you will be judged with that same harsh attitude. BTW both Parsley and Jakes have given more money, time and building hospitals, giving to the poor than Tim Tebow will ever do,and they don’t have to hold ESPN news conferences about it, I like Tebow he is a brother, but he in no way has reached the level of outreach and feeding the hungry or ministry that both Parsley or Jakes have attained so give credit where it is due. but go ahead and listen to the liberal Godless media that perpetuates this madness. I am thankful for his Grace and Mercy! With God ALL things are possible, that includes wealth if you want to attain it, not greed.

    • Mandi

      In terms of being a prosperity gospel teacher, however, this doesn’t matter. He was not asked about and did not repent of teaching a false gospel.

  • Patrick C Marks

    Outstanding. I’m very, very glad to see Tebow standing for his convictions as a believer. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy as a believer and we certainly should give God credit for what success we have in life but the “prosperity” gospel is no gospel at all. It is really a “gospel of greed” and while teachers of this doctrine claim they are simply trying to liberate people to success they are really using false hopes to line their own pockets. Kudos to Tim Tebow for standing tall. My respect for him just went up a whole lot more.

    • Stan McCullars

      What about his throwing motion? ;)

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  • George

    You’re right, Stan. I wanted to believe the best and give the benefit of the doubt as I followed up on the ER, but there are many who agree with you that the grace handed to Jakes was too easy to get around.

    Kevin DeYoung, another TGC Blogger, reflected similarly, saying:

    “For those who think we need more of the preaching and theology and influence of T.D. Jakes, you will simply disagree with this point. But for those who believe his influence has been detrimental to the church, we should not want to give the impression that Jakes is basically pretty solid.

    If he’s changed his approach and his theology on a whole bunch of things, or if he can be influenced for good, then let’s wait and see if the gold pans out. Surely caution is in order. Though the desire to build a relationship is good, we underestimate the effect that celebrating this event, and Jakes’ contribution in it, has in giving an implicit “all clear” to someone whose influence until now has been far from salutary.”

    I wish that men like Jakes would grow and come into Orthodoxy on issues like the Trinity and Prosperity Gospel. But you’re right that while he gave a nod, he didn’t “like the terms” and considered his “manifestations” phrasing to be Pauline still.

    At the same time, Kevin went to to say:

    “There are several observations all Christians should be able to agree on, even if they sometimes pull us in opposite directions.

    (1) Let’s not assume the worst about people.

    (2) Let’s not shame those who aren’t immediately credulous when someone with a history of bad thinking says something that could be construed as maybe okay.

    (3) Let’s be very cautious in assigning motive.

    (4) Let’s not take everything personally or make everything personal.

    (5) Let’s not get our kicks from criticizing others and mucking around in controversy.

    (6) Let’s avoid facile condemnations of all criticism, realizing that the statement itself is a criticism and the Bible is full of heroes who had a lot of bones to pick.

    (7) Let’s accept that in this fallen world only the Lord can fully sort some things out and we don’t have go twelve rounds in every conflict.”

    As Kevin agrees with you about how Jakes was treated at the ER, I also agree with him about a careful Theology of criticism, and I apologize for the misunderstanding expressed in my last comment.

    • Stan McCullars

      George, Excellent article by DeYoung!

      Thanks for that.

  • Justin Borger

    Nice pass, Tebow. Nice “pass.”

  • James Spence

    Parsley is a nut case. End of story.

    • Dave Stockhover

      Actually the Greek word does not mean “one exactly alike in every essential detail and quality”. The word is parakletos in the Greek and it means “summoned or called to one’s side”. In the widest sense of the word, it means a helper or assistant.

  • steven thomas

    If the Jesus is not equal to the holy ghost in the holy ghost is not equal to jesus, then why did jesus say in John chapter 16 “I will not leave you comfortless I will send another comforter” the word comforter here is the Greek word paracleet, it means one exactly alike in every essential detail and quality… You guys need to learn how to read your bible.

    • Stan McCullars

      I don’t have a Greek New Testament in front of me but in English the word “another” means somebody or something that is separate or different.

      Separate or different would fit perfectly with Trinitarian (Biblical) theology as Jesus would be the same essence (or it-ness) with the Holy Spirit yet different in Person or subsistence

      I believe your understanding of the meaning of paracleet is inaccurate.

    • Aaron Snell

      Um, no Steven, that is not what παράκλητος (paracletos) means. Not even close. It means one called alongside.

      Do you have any lexical references to support your redefinition?

  • brandi

    WAY TO STAND FIRM TEBOW! Now, let Satan, disguised as the haters, attack. I think Tebow is a man of strong faith and I believe that the more recognition he gets, the harder his life will become. We need to pray for our brother in Christ.

  • Alex

    And why am I not a Broncos fan by now? This kid impresses more and more.

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  • Don

    so thinly veiled, it only took 3 comments to get to what the writer really wanted to talk about.

  • Thcott

    It’s funny how most Christians are so quickly to claim “false prophet” when they hear someone speak. These Christians couldn’t discern christian’s teaching from the devil’s words spoken to their minds…. So quick, so stupid…. Foolishness…..

    Tim Tebow did the right thing. Not sure why all the rest of the comments on here have anything to do with this– other than moronic theological head-stuck-so-far-up-their-behinds bullcrap…

    Learn to love others first before looking to spout off lyrical watered-down bullcrap…

    • Heather E. Carrillo

      Uhm, you just called everyone in this post:
      1. Stupid
      2. Foolish
      3. Morons
      4. Full of theological bull crap
      5. People who have our heads up our behinds
      6. Off spouters
      7. People who believe lyrical watered down doctrine

      And THEN have the gall to demand we “learn to love others.” Hmmm…interesting.


      Whoa! Where is this anger from? I actually have been rebuked just last week when I read a scripture that tells us we cannot call peopl names. Indirectly or directly,no matter how much we want to defend someone. The Bible is very strict on this,in fact,we are in danger of HELL itself for name calling. Just thought I would share. I started watching football because of TT. He is a brother who does what he was called to do. Since before his birth,which im sure everyone knows he was “to be aborted” per doctors request. Thank the Lord for his mom! She & her husband are wonderful teachers,for they obviously have faith & it shows through their choices & upbringing of their son. I definitely trust their beliefs. Everytime I ever see of those jakes,white,hinn,or olsteen,I RUN. I’m still a toddler in my faith,but the Holy Spirit has warned me strongly about these false teachers. I am a woman & I don’t believe in woman pastors….oooooh I bet I started a fire there! LOL

      One thing I know is even other teachers are cutting ties with these channels who support the false teachers. Jack Van Impe canceled a contract due to issues. Don’t take my word for it,research it yourself. Impe doesn’t hide any of it.

      It’s getting so sticky these days with everyone wanting to “share their gospel” that we have to be extremely careful who we allow into our hearts. Just plug into the Bible yourself,never ever trust man alone…it will prove to be a snare. The Holy Spirit should be our only Guide,especially when you hear a preacher. Always go to the Word of God.


      I know without a doubt

  • Margaret

    Hmm. Jesus commands that we should love one another, right? So… aren’t we just as guilty as the “prosperity gospel preachers” if we slam each other on blog comments? Reading these comments made me very sad…realizing that we don’t always get it right either. So thankful for grace.

    • Heather E. Carrillo

      Well no, Margaret. The bible is pretty clear that there is a heavier load of responsibility on teachers. Also, “slamming one another” (again…I love the assumption that everyone here is doing that) is an individual sin. Preaching “health and wealth” doctrine is actually perpetuating lies instead of preaching the word. They are both wrong, but one has much more far reaching effects.

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  • Jaymallow

    While I do hope that Tebow’s decision was theologically motivated, is It not far more likely that this scene happened:
    (Tebow’s agent with Bluetooth in ear): “Wait a minute, you’re telling me this guy is on TBN?!!!!??? OH H&$@ NO!!!!!!!”
    “For the sons of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation than the sons of light.”- Luke 16:8b

  • Emme

    Praise God for the fact that he stands for truth!

  • Rande Greene

    The degree of arrogance revealed in these posts is amazing.

  • Daniel

    This message is for Joe Carter the editor. Recently you wrote something that isn’t true. You referred to the message that God wants you to prosper financially as a prosperity gospel. The scriptures in many places (Proverbs 3:9-10, Luke 6:38, 3 John 2, Deuteronomy 8:18, etc.) speak about giving and receiving, and wealth in the hands of Believer’s. However wealth is not the end goal, the destiny of the Christian is to be conformed to the image of Christ. God supplies our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus as we obey Him in every way (and this does include our financial lives). Jesus never lacked any resources to get the job done, and neither should we as we serve the Lord. I think this is what prosperity is all about. In the Body of Christ we all need each other. I think God has given some people in the Body of Christ to teach us on healing, some on money, some on family and marriage. No way can we ever say to someone who is a part of God’s body that we have no need of them. Jesus doesn’t reject people who seek Him. God’s word speaks clearly on His love for us. The proper response to an abuse of things is not to throw it away, but it is to find the instructions for yourself, and use it properly. God loves you on purpose.

    • CJ

      This is well-said and absolutely true.

  • http://newsforchristians J.C. Stewart

    I commend Tim Tebow for withdrawing from speaking at Breakthrough.
    These ‘ name it claim it ,blab it grab it preachers ‘ need to read
    Proverbs 28:19-22 on how to get ahead God’s way .

    • CJ

      So, you are a former member of Rod Parsley’s church? I’m just wondering how you would begin to know whether he believes or preaches Proverbs 28:19-22. Let’s face it. You don’t! In fact, you probably know little to nothing about any so-called “prosperity preacher” first hand. I’m just trying to get my mind around how so many people can be commenting about preachers that they know nothing about except what someone else told them.
      All of these people who are against prosperity teaching, should take your advice though and read Proverbs. It clearly states that poverty is a curse and blessing and prosperity are from God. If the Bible states that, and it does, then why is it wrong to preach about it? It’s not. It is Biblical truth.
      In an earlier statement, I pointed out how ironic it was that a multi-millionaire is canceling an appearance due to problems with him teaching the Biblical concept of prosperity. It can’t be okay to have it, but not to teach it.

  • Theology Samurai

    Oh the irony.

    Young Tebow has more discernment than James MacDonald.

    Who’s next on ER3? Rod Parsley is my guess.

  • Mary Elizabeth Tyler

    This was not only a pass for Tim Tebow, but a touchdown!!!!!! Best play of his life.

  • Mike Leake

    Are we certain that Tebow refused the invitation b/c Parsley preaches a prosperity gospel? Or did he refuse the invitation for political reasons? By political reasons I’m referring to Tebow’s refusal to endorse a political candidate and some of Parsley’s political maneuvers.

    I’m hoping that it’s the former…but I was just wondering if anyone knows for sure why he backed out of the speaking engagement.

  • Tim Souther

    Wise choice Tim!

    Concerning the preceding posts I am extremely encouraged in the way that many have stood for the Truth. Only a very few have leveled personal attacks. I have been spiritually enriched and edified in reading through it. I shall return.

  • Rick

    I am just an outsider here. But it looks too me like to many on here are to quick to judge and to quick to condemn. While I don’t agree with everything on here but I don’t disagree with everything.I myself go to a charasmatic church. I like it and enjoy the Word of God that is being preached there. My church and several area churches ( baptist, methodist, episcopalian, church of God, Assemblies of God and others I can’t remember) come together every quarter and have a community service. We set aside our church doctrines and basically preach a message on salvation. The Pastors of those churches get together on a regular basis and fellowship and eat together. Because they look at it as there is no perfect church. So many of us out there has caused so much division in the Body of Christ. Instead of causing division lets start building bridges. Let’s get out there and do whatever it takes to win the lost to Jesus. Because no one is perfect…Not Pastor Parsely, not Pastor Jakes, not Pastor Spurgeon, not Pastor Billy Graham and not to mention Tim Tebow. But I believe they all have a heart for God.

  • M&M

    Joshua 1:8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

    Gen. 13:2 Abram was very rich in livestock, in silver, and in gold.

    Galatians 3:14 13 Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree,” 14 that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

  • Mark

    on E2

    “Here’s one of the things that happens. And this is the great irony: it’s almost cult like. On the one hand you can say to a person, ‘You can’t say that because you don’t understand the black community and the black experience.’

    Well, then somebody like myself, or Anthony Carter, or [garbled], or [garbled], or somebody like us, comes out and says, ‘Oh, actually, I agree that there are these problems with T.D. Jakes.’ Then the immediate response is ‘Well, you’re just a sell out. You’re just an Uncle Tom. You’re just trying to curry favour with white people. And the bottom line is that you’re not really black.’

    And, so, that’s what the cults do. [They say:] ‘If you can’t answer my question, it’s because you’re ignorant. If you can answer my question, then I’ll find another way around.’ And that’s why I say it’s Ethnic Gnosticism.” -Bauchman

    But The Bible said it too.

  • Lafe

    People of God: Avoid Ron Parsley at all costs. He teaches a “different” gospel, which is no gospel at all. He is part of the
    heretical Word Faith Movement and his god is Mammon.
    The baloney he puts out there from the pulpit gibberish and yet the people, lacking discernment, eat it up.
    Tim did the right thing, even if he suffers a backlash for it.
    Parsley’s gospel is a mixture and as we know, God hates a mixture.
    We can not mix God in with false doctrines and simply say, “Well he
    mentions God, so that (everything else he says) must be OK.

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  • Alan Davis

    Well here is a man with some convictions, backbone and foresite. More than we can say for the ER crew. GO Tebow.

  • McFormtist

    What are Tebow’s own words concerning this? I don’t think that’s been clearly stated…

  • Shaun

    It saddens me greatly that I read comments on this topic with people defending Rod Parsley. Saddens me greatly. I grew up near Columbus/Pickerington and knew people who attended his services. It was a well-known fact that he preached a health/wealth prosperity gospel. He doesn’t teach a biblical view of prosperity, he teaches a worldly view of prosperity. It was common to hear of people answering his call to give “seed” offerings expecting returns of one hundredfold. He was a regular on Central Ohio TV channels when I was growing up, and even then it was apparent while watching his broadcasts that he taught a different gospel. I had a friend who’s father went to one of his revival’s, gave a ton of money and got this massive sword to bring home. At one point he was offering prayer cloths to wrap around your “seed” before you send it off to World Harvest. It’s a travesty to see the local impact his false teachings have had in Central Ohio.

    It would be my hope that we pray that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ would penetrate the hearts and minds of those in that area (I’ve since moved away), and that true repentance and regeneration would take place. He’s a false teacher, there is no doubt. I’ve witnessed his work in the lives of those around me.

  • Jim

    As a high schooler I used to listen to Rod Parsely on t.v. from time to time. I grew up in a Pentecostal church, so nothing about his style or general teaching seemed too off to me initially. However, during those years, I also grew in my faith exponentially and Parsely’s teaching began to bother me more and more.

    Fortunately, the Lord gave me discernment as I grew in knowledge. I’m glad to hear that an influential believer like Tim has refused to associate with the teachings of an influential teacher who teaches some very bad Theology to millions of potential listeners.

  • stephenie

    God does want us to be prosperouse… ever read the bible?

    • Heather E. Carrillo

      Stephenie, I’m sure plenty of the people on this forum read the bible. Let’s not attack people. And, God may want some of us to be, but not all of us. And what are you saying about Christians who are poor. They aren’t good enough?

  • Jay

    So GOD want’s you to be poor or your not saved or Holy? Sounds like a works gospel to me. work hard to be poor and GOD will like you more? You better go back and tell Moses that his people can’t take all that gold they “plundered” from the Egyptians. They left Egypt Rich and healthy under the blood of the lamb. The law had not been given yet. When the law applied, death and sin reigned. Keep putting people under bondage, it’ll never make you feel any better about yourself. And Stan they probably don’t even know what modalism is. That’s the problem I have with TD, not prosperity.

    • Heather E. Carrillo

      No, of course not. God wants you to glorify God. You can do that as a wealthy person as well as a poor person. Or even a middle class person. Wealth has nothing to do with your salvation.

  • http://n/a darrin

    no wonder folks dont like christian people. never forget the phrase “never the less christ is preached” I feel like I have been poisoned through the eyes by all this. Yuk.. Now abideth faith, hope and love and the greatest is love..there is not much love here. These folks you are ripping to pieces feed and clothe alot of people..What are you doing to ease the suffering of people? Calvinist think they are the only ones that are going, and think they themselves are such little angels…Back off this blog and look at it from a fair and balanced perspective very little has been edifying

    • Tim Trost

      These prosperity preachers do not feed and clothe alot of people. Some of the money they fleece from people may go to people who need it but it is not the preachers money. Thats like saying Obama feeds the poverty stricken when in fact it is the taxpayer. Just like Obama should be held accountable for expanding abortion these teachers should be held accountable for turning people away from eternal riches in Christ and only to earthly riches where moth and rust destroy. These people should not get a pass either.

      If T.D. Jakes is wrong by believing in Modalism then Ken Copeland is worse. He believes that Ken Copeland is the “I am ” the Bible is talking about

      • CJ

        @Tim, People give to Parsley or their respective church because they want to, not because they are forced to. It’s not even close to the same thing as the government reaching into your pocket and taking something against your will.
        Listen, I am not saying that I am a fan of any of the guys mentioned here, but please don’t talk about something that you only know second-hand.

        • Tim Trost

          “Receive your 100-Fold Blessing!

          Sow your seed of faith today, and Pastor Parsley will believe with you for a 100-fold multiplication of the seed you sow! And when you sow that seed, you may also receive your FREE gift, Pastor Parsley’s book, 10 Golden Keys to Your Abundance.”

          “The woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8) suffered for 12 long years — but finally, when she reached out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment — when she made contact — she was healed! Was it worth the reach? Yes! The supernatural anointing that flowed from Jesus flowed into her — through that scrap of fabric! This same anointing is available for YOU!”
          Give $100 or more and we will ALSO send you a Jerusalem prayer shawl!

          Render to Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s but Rod Parsley is fleecing the flock

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