• Bill Norton

    I wish more Christians, particularly those who subscribe to this blog, would be as open as you and as willing to disclose and discuss committing sins like abortion. A few years after leaving church at 17, I found myself in the same situation described here. I figured that act alone would bar me from heaven. Not until I became active in a 12-Step group at the age of 33 did I begin to live in the kind of fellowship where such subjects could be discussed and where one could learn to make amends, even through a God of one’s own understanding. When I finally accepted Christ at age 49 and returned to a theologically conservative church, I found the lack of candor, the unwillingness to be real, pretty much the same as the church I’d left 32 years earlier. It’s almost like people acquire an unwillingness to admit they’ve sinned in horrendous ways but can be forgiven. Too much seems to be made of appearances. That’s why I am grateful for what the writer started here and for the ministry of pastors like Tim Keller.