What’s the Best Thing You Did for Your Kids?

You’ve heard the horror stories. You know the temptations. So let’s look to some positive examples and learn from others’ experience. What’s the best thing pastors can do for their children?

Watching the discussion between Joshua Harris, Kent Hughes, and Voddie Baucham, you realize there’s no special secret to success. As Baucham says about family devotions, ”If you don’t keep it simple, you won’t keep it going.” Repetition reaps long-lasting rewards.

Hughes points out that a pastor’s schedule can be leveraged so being a PK doesn’t need to seem so bad. Harris himself grew up in a ministry home where he learned to love learning, especially by reading. So take your kids out to school during lunch. Take them to the park for breakfast. Use your flexible calendar to love your children.

Just before the video concludes, watch as Baucham points out to Hughes the one thing he left out in the list of best things he did for his kids.

  • http://garyeugenehowell.com/hearinggodsvoice/ Gary Howell

    Love the part about keeping it simple. A little bit every day is more effective and truly better than a whole bunch once in a while.

    • Carlos

      I totally agree with you Gary.

  • http://ppibook.com/ Vladimir Popelnukh

    We did The Pilgrim’s Progress App for kids:
    Hope it will help kids to know Jesus more. Let His name be glorified.

  • http://www.thekingsfellowship.com Steve, Winnipeg, Canada

    Love the point about leveraging a pastor’s schedule to your advantage.

    It’s not like other jobs. With flexibility and planning (or maybe sometimes spontaneity) almost any morning or afternoon can be spent with your kids. It will all even out.

    Every Thursday afternoon, I take off early and I’m at the public pool with my daughters. The biggest obstacle to making that happen was my own ego which said Busy Pastor = Good Pastor.

  • Meggie

    Kent Hughes’ children speak to his making the pastorate look beautiful. His son is the senior pastor of our church. His daughter is married to the associate pastor. I pray my children will grow up and have similar affection for the calling that God has placed on their father’s life. As an aside, my husband has a candy jar on his desk that my kids go running for every time they are at the church, thanks to Kent’s wise advice.

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  • http://children.saying.tel Children sayings

    I love these little people; and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.
    (Charles Dickens)

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