Women, Come and Grow with Us!

Last year’s inaugural TGC Women’s Conference was for women but not all about women. And the 2013 National Conference (TGC13) in April is for women but not just for women. It’s for God’s people and the good of the church.

Women, we are not only welcome at this conference; we are needed! For the church to operate as God intended, with all God’s people growing and serving effectively, we must regularly encourage one another by the Spirit according to the Word. We’re all doing it already in local contexts where we live and serve, but TGC13 provides a unique opportunity to hear from those ministering in contexts outside our own. Men and women from all over the world will gather in Orlando, offering a wide diversity of teaching and interaction that represents God’s global gospel work.

The speakers at TGC13 form a grand mixed chorus. In addition to the rich preaching and teaching of pastors in the plenary sessions, there will be a varied assortment of workshops and focus gatherings offered by men and women addressing a host of gospel-related topics. Women will be interested in many of these workshops—not only but perhaps especially those led by women. From the pre-conference through the post-conference, we will hear the voices of women involved in missions, in teaching the Bible to women and to children, in issues of medical ethics and counseling, in Christian publishing, in churches where they’re learning to live out the gospel in ways we need to hear about . . . and more.

Are you interested in better understanding the ramifications of assisted reproduction and new trends in IVF use? What a privilege to hear from Dr. Megan Best, who speaks to a number of issues in medical ethics with not only professional expertise but also unrelenting biblical focus and faithfulness. How about Scripture’s teaching concerning men and women? Are we really able to articulate such teaching clearly and compellingly? Dr. Claire Smith comes to help us deal in careful detail with the “hard passages” we so often struggle to discuss. Megan and Claire both happen to be Australian, but we have an amazing group of women from all over the world—from China to California, Dubai to Delaware.

Women, come and grow with us! Men, please encourage the women in your lives and churches to come and grow with us, too. TGC13 is for  God’s people to grow together around his Word.

  • Dillon

    Question–never been to a TGC conference before but would like to attend this one and would like to bring my wife. Does the TGC Women’s conference run concurrently with the rest of the conference? You said “For women but not just for women”–will there not be a men/women topical interest separation this year? I’m a seminary student, and my wife’s threshold for extensive theological discourse is not the same as mine, so she seemed a bit hesitant about whole the idea, which is why a more specified topic grouping for women helped put her mind at ease. On the other hand, she’s a very gifted and loving soul who I know would be nurtured by sessions on many of the topics you list above that pertain to all but especially to women. So, how does the “women’s part” of the conference go, if there is a “women’s part”? Thanks!

    • http://blogs.thegospelcoalition.org Collin Hansen

      I’m not sure if I’m answering your question, Dillon, but I’ll try. We have a conference devoted only to women on even years. On odd years we have a conference open to everyone. This year, at the conference for everyone, we have a number of workshops led by women. Some of them, especially those devoted to teaching the Bible or showing others how to teach the Bible, will be only for women. All workshops led by women will be held at the same time as the others, in three rounds back-to-back-to-back on Tuesday, April 8. This page gives you the full list of speakers and their subjects. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions, Dillon. Hope to see you this spring!

      • Dillon

        Got it. Thank you!

  • Torie Morris

    Do you offer any “scholarships” for those who can’t afford to go? Thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I’m a pastors wife & hubby is in time of transition so $ so very tight.