Creepy Pro-Abortion Ad Celebrates Anniversary of ‘Roe v. Wade’

The Story: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Center for Reproductive Rights released a creepy video in which actor Mehcad Brooks attempts to humorously sexualize and anthromorphize the abortion-on-demand law.

The Background: “To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade we didn’t buy a ruby,” says the Center for Reproductive Rights. “Instead [the Center] asked asked Mehcad Brooks of the USA Network’s “Necessary Roughness” and HBO’s “True Blood” to prepare a special video message just for you.

In response to the video, Ryan Bomberger, an African-American pro-lifer who runs the Radiance Foundation, said:

The Center for Reproductive Rights, like Planned Parenthood, certainly understands its main demographic. Happy 40th Anniversary Baby ironically uses a man (who is normally treated as persona non grata) to pitch abortion. The fact that they use a black man just screams irony . . . with the black abortion rate as high as it is and black fathers as absent as they are, it’s just sick to see Mehcad Brooks shill for the number one killer in the black community, and the killer of 55 million plus since ’73.

Why It Matters: As Bomberger rightly notes, African-American women are a prime demographic for abortionists. According to the National Vital Statistics Report from June 2012, African-American women experience an average of 1.6 times more pregnancies than white women, but have 5 times more abortions over their lifetime. And research released by Protecting Black Life reveals that 79% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of African-American and/or Hispanic/Latino communities.

Additionally, pro-abortion supporters have hindered efforts to regulate these clinics. In Virginia health inspectors discovered despicable conditions in every single clinic and in December, Women’s Medical Services in Muskegon, Michigan was forced to shut down because of unsanitary conditions dangerous to human life.

But the most notorious and heartbreaking example is the Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society, the late-term abortion clinic run by Kermit Gosnell. The 3801 Lancaster Film Project is an ongoing documentary series about Gosnell, his clinic, and the cover-up by state and local oversight agencies. You can watch the film below.

(Warning: The video contains graphic images.)

  • Dawn

    Even more ironic, Mehcad was born and his mother didn’t choose to abort. I guess he’s prideful in that he was wanted when in the womb.

  • Wesley

    This is just heartbreaking. What a contrast between the smug, winking, face in the first ad celebrating what the documentary shows is anything but something to be celebrated. Man, i just watch that and feel like my stomach is being ripped out and i want to scream out every window, ‘STOP THIS!!!’ Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  • Ronnie

    “Creepy” is the wrong adjective. I think “sick” better describes it.

    • Bernard

      I would use the word ‘depraved.’

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy (@johnnyangel10)

    Considering I read yesterday about MURDERS INC.,doctors that destroy babies about to be born,by pulling out the formed baby;this is another irresponsible and heinous act. NOTHING is to bad for these neo-Hitlerites! The world is in the playground of these people’s “father” and they are as despicable as the father of lies!

  • Matthew

    The fact that black babies are aborted at higher rates than most makes this video less creepy and more just flat out disgusting. As I watched I kept expecting this guy to start pressuring someone to get an abortion.

  • Hannah

    Isn’t this kind of seduction and objectification precisely why women end up pregnant in the first place? Can’t wait to see the ad that celebrates an 18-year-old boy pressuring his 15-year-old girlfriend into have sex…

  • Brenda

    Oh wow, I agree with Ronnie…this goes beyond creepy. Sick and disgusting do a better job at describing this thing, but even that seems like an understatement. It made my stomach feel nauseous. Good grief! This made me so sad.

  • Webutante

    Men like this celebrate abortion because it gives them an out of responsibility and an unlimited smogasboard of sex-with-anyone-anytime-anywhere.

    It also infantalizes all those who are absolved of any and all responsibility for their risky behavior. But we live in a country where risk and now cost are now supposed to be shared by all.

    This ad is heartbreaking because so many woman believe the lie, especially coming from a slick willie like this creepy man.

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  • Jenn

    That was sad and disturbing. As I watched the commercial, hearing his use of the term ‘baby’ repeatedly, I was angry. I can’t believe that someone thought this was okay to do. But then again, I can. The hearts of men are naturally darkened and in rebellion toward the God that made them. Maranatha :(

  • Alex Philip

    I agree. This video is sick. May I encourage everyone who feels similarly to send along a donation to your crisis pregnancy centre.

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  • James

    …And is that supposed to be a Bible on the table that he draws attention to by putting the rose on it?

  • Julia

    Interestingly enough, this trend for beyond-the-pale tactics and rhetoric such as this video and Mary Elizabeth Williams’ Salon piece, “So What If Abortion Ends Life?”:

    are making pro-choicers cringe. In the attempt to ante up the rhetoric, pro-choicers may end up hoist by their own petard. And that’s a good thing. The video is stomach-turning, and Williams’ implications are grotesque — that she would gleefully, joyfully have The Best Abortion Evaaaaah! should she so choose is appalling to most people, including most pro-choicers. Maybe seeing how far the extremists are willing to go is what it will take to open the hearts and minds of many pro-choicers. To quote one comment at YouTube, this video is the best thing that ever happened to the pro-life movement.

    • Kevin

      My thinking was along the same lines. If a video this tasteless and bad is the best “marketing” that the abortion industry has to offer, I am greatly encouraged.

  • Willie Mac

    What we all need to remember is that if it were not for Jesus Christ, we too would be doing heinous acts and living in apathy about their effects on others and our society. Abortion is wretched and awful; no one with a soul would claim otherwise. Still, we are talking about people who are blinded by deceit and lies; they live in the depravity of their flesh. We once walked in that as well, we all have been more than worthy of God’s wrath and it is only by grace we are saved. By all means, let’s stop this if we can, but let’s not forget Christ died for the abortionist as well as the aborted. Grace and peace.

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  • Joan

    Are you kidding? How could anybody make a video like that? Until I saw this disgusting video I really liked “Necessary Roughness”. I will never watch it again.

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  • Chris T. Smith

    it’s so obvious now that the “conversation about abortion” in our country has evolved into something like George Orwell’s book “1984” and the “doublespeak” thing… where the meaning of words or phrases are completely turned upside-down… the real “war on women” in this country is being waged by the abortion industry:

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