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We’re doing it again! The Gospel Coalition’s second National Women’s Conference will take place June 27 to 29, 2014, in Orlando, Florida. Registration will open August 1. We look forward to sharing this event with thousands of women from across the nation and around the world.


Top Articles

(1) Why Gay Marriage Is Good (and Bad) for the Church (Trevin Wax)

We have too many layers of self-justification to grow without hard knocks.

(2) Why You Can’t See Your Biggest Flaws (Tim Keller)

While our faults always seem small to us due to the natural self-justification of the heart, you can be sure they don’t look so small to others.

(3) 6 Pillars of a Christian View on Suffering (Don Carson)

God wants our trust even more than he wants our understanding.

(4) Perspectives on Our Children’s Education: Going Public (Jen Wilkin)

If you are not the stereotypical public school parent, your child will probably not be the stereotypical public school student.

(5) 6 Things We Need to Learn from Youth About Preaching (Cameron Cole)

The teenagers to whom I minister do not think like most of my preacher friends.

Most Recommended on Facebook

(1) A Prayer for the Mom Who’s Worn (Christina Fox)

(2) Marriage Is Not Ultimate (Phillip Holmes)

(3) 8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Seminary (Matt Damico)

(4) FactChecker: Does College Cause Young Adults to Lose Their Faith? (Glenn T. Stanton)

(5) 4 Reasons Zombies Won’t Die (Barry Cooper)

Top Interviews

(1) Is John Piper a Hypocrite? (John Piper, Mark Mellinger)

There are 98,000 evangelicals for every unengaged people group. What are we doing about it?

(2) Russell Moore on the Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision (Russell Moore, Mark Mellinger)

The implications of this decision, he argues, will in the fullness of time, apply to all 50 states.

(3) Should Christians Try to Legislate Their Morality? (Kevin DeYoung, Collin Hansen, Trevin Wax)

When it comes to legislating morality, how do we help people find an authority outside of themselves?

Top Book Reviews

(1) Jesus Is (Judah Smith | Review by Gavin Ortlund)

This Bieber-approved book captures much of Christ’s character but falls short of yielding a reliable, rounded portrait of who he is.

(2) Sexual Sanity for Women (Ellen Dykas, ed. | Review by Amber Walsh)

Resources that point struggling women to Jesus, pulling no punches yet speaking with great compassion, are greatly needed in our sex-saturated culture.

(3) Lean In (Sheryl Sandberg | Review by Kathleen Nielson)

Though we can learn much from Sandberg, what stands out in her values is a dramatic lack of transcendence.

News and Notes

(1) Engage the South (September 24 | Birmingham, Alabama)

Sponsored by Acts 29 Network and hosted by Beeson Divinity School, this event seeks to equip leaders for the kind of revitalized churches we need in the American South. Join speakers including Matt Chandler, David Platt, and Ray Ortlund.

The first album from The Gospel Coalition, by the church for the church, features songwriters and musicians from around the country. Download it today and hear original lyrics and music by D. A. Carson, Sandra McCracken, Aaron Ivey, Matt Boswell, and more.

(3) The Gospel of Luke from the Outside In

This new 12-session group study—from scholars David Morlan and D. A. Carson—shows through written and video commentary how Luke brings the good news from the “outside in” as Christ embraces the unknowns, the outcast, the lost, and the hopeless.