Courageous and Compassionate Christian Woman Prevents School Shooting

The Story: Yesterday a mentally ill man carrying an AK-47 rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition entered an elementary school outside of Atlanta. The potential tragedy was averted when a courageous and compassionate Christian woman talked the gunman into giving himself up.

The Background: “He had a look on him that he was willing to kill,” said Antoinette Tuff, a school clerk. “He said he didn’t have any reason to live, and he knew he was going to die today.” According to the Washington Post, Tuff began telling him the story of her own life in order to calm him down. She described how her separation from her husband after 33 years of marriage left her feeling lonely and in pain, but she encouraged the man not to succumb to despair.

She said she prayed for the gunman during the crisis, and credited God with helping her maintain her composure.

“I give it all to God. I’m not the hero. I was terrified,” she said. “I just explained to him that I loved him,” she said. “I didn’t know his name, I didn’t know much about him, but I did love him.”

In the video below, Tuff explains how she made it through the ordeal.

  • Steve, Winnipeg, Canada


  • ForeBarca

    Praise the Lord for Antoinette Tuff! May God strengthen ever increasingly.

  • Rosie Byrd

    This along was a act of God’s favor on all lives there…Thanks Ms.Antoinette Tuff
    May the blessing fill your live in the days to come. I love u caused you left let go and let God used you in such a way that no other could have.
    Rosie Byrd
    Dobbin Tx

  • Marilyn Williams

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow-and for this woman’s faith. After listening to the 911 call, it seems reasonable to assume that Antoinette was calling on Jesus when faced with this impending attack. So now everyone at that school is safe-thanks to the power of calling on Jesus.

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  • Loba Outdoors

    Thank you for sharing this woman’s story. It’s so inspiring to see such courageous people who stand tall against those who are willing (and able) to do harm. She may not call herself a “hero,” but we certainly do. Loved the story – thank you again.