Chan and Platt Reflect from the Korean DMZ

Just a few hours ago David Platt and Francis Chan were standing at the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)—a strip of land serving as a buffer between North and South Korea. They recorded this short, candid video reflecting on the realities of a closed country with little or no access to the gospel.

They offer a challenge for church to be more active in helping North Korea rather than simply observing the situation like a tourist. Let us pray more fervently for Kim Jong Un and the people of North Korea, and act with greater urgency to bring them the gospel.

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  • mag

    Thank you both for your heartfelt, gentle but groaning, reflection over the darkness and suffering of North Korea. Most piercing to me was the idea of us living like tourists, going from one amusement to the next, impervious to the spiritual battle keeping many without the light and hope in Christ. I have been praying for North Korea for many years and know that one day we will hear of God’s might and faithfulness among these people,

  • Laurie

    Such powerful and profound truth. The tourist and spectator observations struck me on so many levels- as did the spiritual warfare reality. In my opinion, the adversary has even more fertile ground in America- especially the south… We have an “inoculated” mentality, that keeps up from realizing the war going on . Around us- and within us. His favorite tool is distraction.
    Father, give us a singular united, kingdom minded, mission focus.
    Wherever we are.
    David and Francis… May He bless you, keep you, and encourage you -as you carry out The Great Commission, and I Cor 12:25

  • Marcelle

    Thank you brother Chan and brother Platt, Lord willing i will be travelling to South Korea next year. I am praying that i will enjoy this beautiful country but at the same time never forget that a battle is raging, that the devil is raging, thank the Lord for your ministry and for everything you do. I pray that the brothers in South Korea will be encouraged and lifted up!

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  • katie

    this book would be a great follow-up read and presents a tangible way to help.

    written by the founder or NGO:

  • http://challies dies irae

    Thank you, thank you for drawing our attention to what should be one of the greatest prayer concerns for all churches, the suffering of North Koreans. This inhumanity has gone all too long and may God liberate that nation soon. Please get your churches involved!

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  • Laura

    Thank you for sharing this. What a solemn but heartfelt reminder of the war we are engaged in and our obligation to pour our prayers and resources toward the harshest battlefronts like North Korea.

    I’m feel passionate about these closed door countries and persecution. Actually, just yesterday I posted on my blog post about 4 Lies We Believe About Christian Persecution:

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