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TGC 2012 Council Colloquium (Wednesday and Thursday)

Every year TGC Council members meet for several days of discussion, debate, prayer, and fellowship around the gospel of Jesus Christ. This year around 100 Council members and guests are meeting on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and challenging one another to pursue Christ with biblical faithfulness. The agenda includes a wide variety of topics emerging from the pressing issues faced in local churches, cultures, and the church universal. Take a look at the agenda for Wednesday and Thursday (Tuesday’s agenda can be found here) and a few photos from Louisville. All videos recorded will eventually be released to the public.


Private Panels

Is the Condition of Society a Report Card of the Church?

What is the biblical warrant for judging the state of the church based on the condition of the world? “You will be hated by all for my name’s sake” sounds like a bad report card. Why, then, are we so concerned that our efforts make a tangible difference in the culture?

Kevin DeYoung, Tim Keller, John Piper,  and Don Carson (moderator)


Are Adam and Eve Historical Figures?

We agree the apostle Paul’s teaching on the history of redemption depends on a literal Adam. So what do we make of recent science that casts doubt on his existence? What are the non-negotiables?

Bryan Chapell, Ligon Duncan, Tim Keller, Al Mohler,  and Don Carson (moderator)



Race Issues: What You Need Others to Know

John Piper, Thabiti Anyabwile, Voddie Baucham, Stephen Um, and Crawford Loritts (moderated by Tim Keller)

In coming decades whites in North America will continue to decline in proportion to other races. Is the church prepared? What progress are we making in racial reconciliation? What are the greatest barriers to future efforts?



What Business Leaders in Your Church Wish You Knew

Bob Doll, chaired by Tim Keller

Pastors and business leaders belong to one another in the body of Christ, but they don’t always get along. Misunderstanding abounds for the divergent worlds of ministry and business. This advice will help you minister to these men and women exercising their calling in the business sphere.


How to Encourage Business Leaders in their Vocation

Tom Nelson, chaired by Tim Keller

Encouraging the spread of the gospel, pastors will naturally seek to equip business leaders to see their work as mission. How can a pastor equip business leaders to excel in both their work and also flourish spirituality in a demanding environment?


The Gospel and Sanctification: Is There a Hole in Our Holiness?

Kevin DeYoung, Ligon Ducan, Bryan Chapell, Tim Keller, and Don Carson (moderator)

Pastors debate the biblical way to counsel Christians on how to pursue holiness. Is it a matter of remembering our justification? Obeying biblical exhortations? Either way, we must reckon with why zeal for holiness has been lost in so many of our churches.


Islam and Contextualization

Zane Pratt, Don Carson, Ric Cannada, and Collin Hansen (moderator)

Two major denominations have withdrawn support from missions agencies engaged in so-called insider practices among Muslims. Petitions have circulated calling on translators to retain divine familial language. How do we reach Muslims today with the gospel? Should our methods change?


Video Sessions

Morality: Only That Which Harms? (Albert Mohler, Collin Hansen, and Tim Keller)

Who Governs the Church: Elders or Congregations? / Should We Baptize Infants? (Thabiti Anyabwile and Ligon Duncan)

Too Busy with Church? Programming and Mission / Why Is Everyone So Tired? (Ryan Kelly, Darrin Patrick, and Ray Ortlund)

Personal Evangelism: How to Mobilize a Congregation / Spontaneous Baptisms: Good Idea? (Matt Chandler, Mark Dever, and Darrin Patrick)

When Good Pastors Are Bad Parents / The Best Thing I Did for My Kids (Joshua Harris, Voddie Baucham, and Kent Hughes)


Bob Doll and Tom Nelson

Colin Smith

Mike Cosper

Mark Dever