Check out Tony Reinke’s tips on reading:
   On Reading
   Capture Reading Time
   Read with a pen in hand
   Read with purpose in view

What kind of preacher are you?

If you’re interested to know what I think about the Piper/Wright debate on Paul, you can check out the comments on my interview with Wright from Tuesday. Or you can click over to Nick Mitchell’s blog, where my comments are now a blog post!

Those who like D.A. Carson will be excited to see so many audio resources available here.

Seminaries are feeling the effects of the financial crisis.

Ministering to the imagination

The ESV Study Bible has already sold out. Is anyone surprised?

Collin Hansen reviews Driscoll’s Death by Love. This book has now moved to my “must-read” list.

Next Week at Kingdom People: We’ll be talking with Russell Moore about the pro-life movement today. I’ll also be taking a look at a book that says that evangelicalism is falling apart.

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4 thoughts on “In the Blogosphere”

  1. Eric Peterson says:

    Perhaps everyone who buys a new study Bible should also buy a Bible for a Third World Pastor who has none.

  2. Trevin Wax says:

    A good suggestion! We have been blessed to be a blessing, after all…

  3. Barry says:

    Tony’s posts on reading were really interesting. Is helping me set more structured goals this year.

  4. Erik says:

    I liked the “What kind of preacher are you?” link, especially the ‘verse by verse’ preacher….“It’s Easter, but gosh darn it, you’re in Habakkuk by God’s sovereignty, so Habakkuk it is.”

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