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I’ve gotten a kick out of this Twitter account, written by someone who teaches Biblical Studies for an undisclosed university. The author writes:

These are actual statements from assignments turned in by my students. They’re…um..interesting ;)

As one who remembers completing many seminary assignments late at night, I probably delivered a few incoherent one-liners myself. Here are some of the funniest from the Twitter feed:

  • “When you think about it, what we have going on today actually makes the biblical times seem more structured and balanced.”
  • “I think sometimes people use the lack of evidence to try and disprove an idea.”
  • “Gen 1-3 shows us the wrong and right way to go about everything we do.” (For example, let’s say you are doing auto repair…)
  • “I don’t believe the purpose of Genesis is to create some sort of family tree to trace us all back to God.” (Good to know.)
  • “Until the Industrial Revolution, the majority of Americans held on to the sacred ideas of individual salvation and limited government.”
  • “Marcus Borg almost sounds sure that the bibles parables aren’t literally true. I don’t want to call him arrogant, but he sure seems to be.”
  • “I myself have been subject to not always understanding text of the Bible in a more sufficient way due to my mind set.”
  • “This was an interesting read. It made me look deeper than I generally care to look at things.”
  • “Tim Keller did not impress me, he may be very knowledgable about the Bible but does he have a genuine concern for people seeking God? “
  • “Each of the panelists had their own perceptions of what they felt was right.” (Who would have guessed?)
  • “I relish in this statement because it gives me justification and clarity for something I already believed before hand.”
  • “Brueggemann said Gen 1 need to be understood as an older, extant liturgical tradition on creation. This meant it should be taken literally”
  • “I feel that politics never really played a part in the lives of the Israelite’s as much as just having God be the center of their lives.”


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2 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Christian Students on Paper”

  1. Derek Rishmawy says:

    My favorite are the ones about Keller and Brueggemann. (Facepalm) Kids, this is the future of the church. Let’s do some teaching.

  2. Bob says:

    I don’t think it’s helpful to mock those you’re trying to teach and serve. If your a first grade
    teacher sharing cute comments that’s one thing – out of the mouths of babes – but not college students.
    You might miss what they are trying to say even if it’s awkwardly worded. I actually think
    they have insightful comments in atleast two of these selections. Oh but we are so smart.

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