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Should Princeton Strip Honor from President Woodrow Wilson?

How do we deal with the mixture of good and evil we find in most American statesmen?

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5 Books You Should Read This Election Year

5 books for enduring an election year and engaging the political process well.

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Colton Dixon and the “Craziness” of Saving Sex for Marriage

How online commenters responded to the idea of saving sex for marriage.

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How a 29-Year-Old G. K. Chesterton Flipped 4 Arguments Against Christianity Upside-Down

Whhen Chesterton went public with his Christian faith, and he did so by using the skeptical arguments as the very reasons he subscribed to Christianity

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Wheaton College and the Courage of Being Confessional

It takes a lot of courage today for an institution to challenge a culture that has no patience for enforcing doctrinal guidelines.

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Maybe You’re Unhappy Because You’re Too Big and Bored

The fuel of joy is gratitude, and the fuel of gratitude is wonder. But wonder gets stifled by entitlement, and gratitude disappears when wonder dies.

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From Stephen Colbert to Taylor Swift: 4 Reasons I Write Cultural Commentary

Whenever I write about the worldview of a cultural icon or a cultural artifact, I brace myself for the comment streams and Facebook conversations.

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“The View” On “Being Good” vs. The Gospel

In 5 minutes on “The View,” we see how people view religion in society, as well as the counter-intuitive nature of the gospel of God’s grace.

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The Missing Strand in Much of Our Discipleship

Why inculcating Christian doctrine and imitating Christian behavior only takes you so far.

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How Twitter Helped Fred Phelps’ Granddaughter Walk Away from Westboro

Twitter opened the world up to a cult member. And when she saw the humanity of her opponents, her hate melted away.

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