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Should Princeton Strip Honor from President Woodrow Wilson?

How do we deal with the mixture of good and evil we find in most American statesmen?

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5 Books You Should Read This Election Year

5 books for enduring an election year and engaging the political process well.

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Is Donald Trump Truly Pro-Life?

I find it difficult to cheer Trump’s conversion, because the reason he gives for being pro-life doesn’t correspond to the pro-life ethic.

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Wheaton College and the Courage of Being Confessional

It takes a lot of courage today for an institution to challenge a culture that has no patience for enforcing doctrinal guidelines.

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From Stephen Colbert to Taylor Swift: 4 Reasons I Write Cultural Commentary

Whenever I write about the worldview of a cultural icon or a cultural artifact, I brace myself for the comment streams and Facebook conversations.

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What You Should Ask Whenever Pundits Talk About “The Evangelical Vote”

How can we predict what evangelicals will do at the voting booth? That question needs further clarification. What kind of evangelical are we talking about?

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Before You Debate, You Have to Agree

If we as a society cannot agree agree on basic facts, then we will never be able to debate big ideas.

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Courage and Compassion in the Midst of Fear

When future generations look back in time, let us hope they will see that we met these challenges with courage, not fear.

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“Ressentiment” – The Danger That Destroys Your Hope

We betray our faith when we are united more by bitterness and grievances than by cheerful confidence in God’s good purposes for the world.

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Recommending a Few of My Favorite Podcasts

I’ve received additional recommendations and made some new discoveries in the wonderful world of podcasting. Here are my favorites right now.

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