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Before You Debate, You Have to Agree

If we as a society cannot agree agree on basic facts, then we will never be able to debate big ideas.

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Courage and Compassion in the Midst of Fear

When future generations look back in time, let us hope they will see that we met these challenges with courage, not fear.

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“Ressentiment” – The Danger That Destroys Your Hope

We betray our faith when we are united more by bitterness and grievances than by cheerful confidence in God’s good purposes for the world.

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Recommending a Few of My Favorite Podcasts

I’ve received additional recommendations and made some new discoveries in the wonderful world of podcasting. Here are my favorites right now.

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Ben Carson and the Religious Test for Public Office

The fact that our country has never had religious test for public office, and that no one is automatically disqualified due to religious beliefs does not mean that religion doesn’t matter.

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Our Tragic Response to the Oregon Tragedy

Witnessing all the online fury, I can’t help but feel like this unspeakable tragedy in Oregon has just become — if possible — even sadder.

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The Battle That’s Bigger Than The Culture War

Fighting for your rights in society is pointless if you’re not fighting for righteousness in your heart.

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Don’t Let The Media Control Your Experience of Election 2016

One of the biggest forces in an election year isn’t the candidates themselves but the journalists who want to win your eyeballs — on their print pieces, online articles, television talk shows, or viral videos.


Why Hillary Clinton Was Wrong to Compare Pro-Life Advocates to Terrorists

If you believe in human rights for all, including the unborn, you “don’t want to live in the modern world.” Your position is “extreme” — something we’d expect from “terrorist groups.”

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Top 10 Quotes from the Dissenting Justices on Same-Sex Marriage

“Just who do we think we are?”

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