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Maybe You’re Unhappy Because You’re Too Big and Bored

The fuel of joy is gratitude, and the fuel of gratitude is wonder. But wonder gets stifled by entitlement, and gratitude disappears when wonder dies.

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The Spiritual Significance of Smell

Our sense of smell is powerful because it points to a spiritual reality, and that reality points both backwards and forwards.


The Battle That’s Bigger Than The Culture War

Fighting for your rights in society is pointless if you’re not fighting for righteousness in your heart.

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A God Who Wants Us

This is not a God who loves in the abstract. He wanted to be with us. He washed away our sin so He could welcome us into His presence.


Thank God The Sun Came Up Today

Gratitude increases the more you realize things really don’t have to be this way.

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3 Choices in How We Respond to God’s Kingdom Agenda

To repent is to sign up for God’s kingdom – to be part of His people who are about His business in the world.

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My Jesus – Alive!

The arms that hung from a cross of wood now embrace a a world of grief. My Jesus – alive!


My Jesus – Dead

He is dead: this man from Nazareth, the Messiah of Israel, the Lord of the world.


The Wonder of Sunday Morning

They are not paid to be here. They are not forced to be here. Yet they come and serve each other in beautiful ways.

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“Is This Where Easter Lives?”

Easter lives. There’s an empty tomb in Jerusalem and resurrected hearts all over the world.

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