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I was eager and excited to get home from the Shepherds’ Conference. It was a great trip with very encouraging fellowship and preaching, but by Sunday it is clearly time to get home.

While I was gone my awesome wife had recruited an army of friends to come over and paint the inside of our house. When I came home after midnight on Monday morning she and all the kids were still up and full of excitement…it was a great homecoming. And the house looks like a different place; it is like a Trading Spaces crew came in or something.

The house was not the only thing that Christie had painted. She got loose with a little spray paint and tagged our driveway (see pic above). This was clearly visible in my headlights as I pulled in. This is hilarious and if you know Christie, it is just like her. She is awesome, bringing a little urban grunge to the neighborhood (note: the pic is enhanced and inverted…she used black on a black driveway :/).

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4 thoughts on “A Good Welcome Home”

  1. pastorsteve says:

    sounds like it was a great homecoming, I am jealous because I still have to wait until Saturday to see my family. Good conference, great fellowship, and great reminder for faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ in ministry.

    I thought about one additional resource to help you in your study of 1 Peter. Check out
    click on “passages” under the “list articles” section. It will give you some expositional notes on a particular passage of the Bible. Do I agree with it all the time? No, but it is a good resource for looking at another Pastor/scholar’s treatment of the text. The plus is that it is free!

    It was good to hang out and hear about how God has been shaping you as you have been serving Our Lord!


  2. Tyler says:

    Bringing your books tonight to church. See you then.


    P.S. I’m working on a new nickname for you and it may have something to do with losing a 100 yard dash…

  3. erik says:

    Steve, I had great time with you too man. Great talks and encouragement in the truth. Stand firm brother..thanks for the links.

    Tyler, thanks for the books…leave ‘em in the office if I’m not here. On the 1k dash…you can save that one. Just enjoy your victory. Wasn’t it Barry Sanders who said when you score a td to act like you’ve been there before? first you dog my free throws on Challies now this…c’mon, give this slow old man a break. :/ besides, i run for distance.

  4. widim says:

    at least you didn’t sippe’

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