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Yesterday afternoon I was interviewed by NPR (National Public Radio) regarding OBC’s lack of participation in this weekend’s Heartland Festival with Luis Palau. This was a great opportunity to emphasize that we are not against everything but radically for the gospel, and when you are for the gospel you are against some things. And in this case, we are against partnering with those who do not believe the gospel (2 Cor. 6.14ff).

The interview will air tomorrow on the local NPR channel (NET out of Lincoln). They are apparently interviewing Luis Palau today and then airing both tomorrow.

It was encouraging to hear that they had read through my blog and were familiar with our position. How good is God to even give me a chance to talk about the gospel with this perfect stranger? What a great opportunity to promote the beauty of Jesus in the gospel and our need to promote and defend it with biblical fidelity.

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7 thoughts on “NPR interview”

  1. Dylan says:

    Do you know what time they will be airing it? Can you record it and make it available and/or do you know if they will have it available as one of their podcasts?

  2. erik raymond says:

    Dylan, I wish I knew more. I will try to find out…if I do…I’ll put an update on here.

  3. That would be great Erik – I can’t listen to it ‘down under’ so if you could record it, that would be much appreciated.

    Does everyone in Omaha know your stance on the festival? Or did NPR discover this simply by your blog?

  4. Stu says:

    will you be posting the interview once it is available on your site so we can listen to it?

  5. erik raymond says:


    I posted more info today…

    Interestingly enough, someone said recently to an OBC guy, “So you go to the church that is not supporting the festival?”


  6. pastorsteve says:

    I found the soundbite on NET radio website. I started chuckling when the interviewer said you were from “the calvinist omaha bible church”. Nothing like free press to confuse the name of the church. Oh well, I am sure that you got razzed about that. Good articulation of the major disagreement in spite of the audio not being as clear with you. (mmm – Luis Palau get’s a better audio clip – there must be a conspiracy somewhere)

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