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Many folks are asking me about the NPR interview….here is the skinny: it will be airing tomorrow am at 835 Central Time. If you are interested you may listen online here. According to NPR they should have the segment accessible online after it has aired (it should be on this page under “Nebraska News”). The title will be something to do with ‘Luis Palau’ or ‘Heartland Festival’ as they interviewed him the day after me.

Note: the interview lasted about 20 minutes; I talked a lot and was able to say what needed to be said. However, I have no idea what portion they will air and in what context. We shall see. I’m praising God for the opportunity to talk about the preeminence of the gospel.

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3 thoughts on “some specifics on the NPR interview”

  1. Tony says:

    As the audio from this interview makes obvious Erik, you are clearly only concerned with “secondary” matters like being right with God and faithful to Galatians 1-2. You ol’ crank, lighten up and enjoy the “primary” matters of Christianity like eating corn dogs, playing sports, meeting clowns and getting some of those balloon poodles for the kiddos. …

    … Seriously: Nice work, Erik! The small remarks they ran were good though I’m sure you talked about the gospel distictives in the interview. Stay faithful to the primary matters and refute those that contradict. T

  2. Don White says:

    Once again, the media’s bias against the substance of the biblical gospel has marginalized the compromise of truth on the part of Palau and the participating “evangelical” churches. I can not believe the reasoning behind Palau’s efforts, i.e., to show that being a Christian can be fun. What about the offense of our sin before a holy God, what about the propitiatory sacrifice of our Lord Jesus and the necessity for repentance and faith alone in the Lord Jesus? What a sad commentary on the state of “evangelicalism.”
    Thanks for “contend[ing] earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.”

  3. B Meade says:

    Just listened to the interview – very brief and it would have been nice if they had given you an opportunity to respond to some of Palau’s platitudes and scripture perverting simplifications – but it was good none-the-less to hear you stand against his distortion of the gospel. Thanks for being faithful. Praise be to God!

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