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This is just funny. Using sarcasm effectively to communicate truth….

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(ht: Erik Kowalker)

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14 thoughts on “Props to you Mega-Church Guy…”

  1. A.Fudge says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to You! You have been such a blessing to our family and to the ministry! We praise God for the saving grace He’s shown to you and for the resolve it has brought to your life. I’m so thankful for the opportunities we’ll have to grow with you in Sarpy county! I hope you have a blessed day!
    Love your sister in Christ,

  2. Tyler says:

    Erik: hook me up dude. I’ll audition for the next in the series of commercials they make. I can outsing that dude….I think.

  3. Jeremy says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thank you for posting that…..I”m going to put it on my blog and take full credit for finding it.

  4. wisecarver says:

    The Walmart of the church world. Too funny.

  5. widim says:

    E. If you are going to hook tyler up to be the singer …. i would like to be one of the back up singers….

  6. I’ve seen this one before and love, thanks for sharing it here. The best part (for me) of the whole thing is the ending – “It’s all the reward you’ll ever get.” Kind of sobering, isn’t it? A great reminder that we who minister the Gospel of Christ are not to be expecting rewards here and now, but the sureness of them to come.

  7. Joshua says:

    makes me think of Joel Osteen and Bill Hybels when I see that video

  8. Tyler says:

    John: backup singers are selected for their great voices, not their great legs…..

  9. TruthSeeker says:

    C’mon, guys.

    is this really how we want to spread the truth? Are we speaking the Truth in love? I can’t say that I am any more thrilled with mega-churches than you are, but if we really want to spread the truth, is this how we want to do it? What’s next? Do we make a video making fun of fat people because their sin is gluttony? Do we make a video poking fun at homeless people who are strung out on drugs and alcohol? Did Jesus ever sit on the sidelines with his disciples, make jokes about the lost, and laugh at their own cleverness? It saddens me that such talent and resources went to poking fun at those who need Christ every bit as much as any other lost soul. If that lost soul came across this post, do you think he would be more likely to respond than if he came across a post showing genuine concern for him? Let’s stop and think about the message we are sending to people. Is it the message of Christ?

    In Our Savior’s Love,


  10. erik says:

    TS- are you serious?

    It is a parody of church growth guy gone mad. The only part that would sting a guy wrapped up in this is the stuff that is true.

    It was not to be an evangelistic video but a parody of some churches/pastors. Your examples don’t seem to really substantiate what you are accusing. You may need to lighten up just a smidge.

  11. TruthSeeker says:

    “It was not to be an evangelistic video but a parody of some churches/pastors.”

    You said exactly what I’m saying. The whole point of the video is to provide an opportunity for people to laugh at someone else’s sin. Yes, the truth would sting, but if the truth were presented in a loving way, it might actually make a difference. This “parody” does nothing but foster contempt. I think my examples are relevant. If the Mega-church guy’s sin is all those things shown in the video, how is that different from the glutton’s or drug-user’s sin? Why is it ok to laugh at one person for his sin and not another’s? Trust me, I’m light enough. I have a great sense of humor. I just don’t see the humor in belittling those less fortunate than myself. When did you ever see Jesus mocking unbelievers?

  12. erik says:

    TS: I’m sorry that you are offended by it. I am unconvinced that it is sinful to make, watch, laugh at or cringe over such a video. Also, these guys (pastors of large evangelical churches) are not painted as unbelievers but religious guys who seem to have unbiblical methodologies. In a bit of a parallel, though not perfect, if you read Matthew’s account of the gospel you see Jesus being sarcastic (strain a knat swallow a camel), strong handed (twice the son of hell), critiquing (long robes and prayers), etc…I admit it is not perfect but some of Jesus words are more along the lines of “you are being stupid, unbiblical and hypocritical…” than “oh, please, excuse me, would you mind not…doing that?…” I realize I am contrasting extremes for emphasis sake. At any rate, if you are offended, I apologize, it was not my intention.


  13. TruthSeeker says:


    Don’t worry, I’m not offended. I have been a reader for a while and am blessed just about every time I open your blog. There is a difference between what Jesus did and what this video does. If Jesus was sarcastic, it was to illustrate a point, not belittle the offender. If he was strong-handed, he made it clear that he was serious. When he critiqued, he either did it directly to the person, or in a way that his listeners took seriously. What he didn’t do, is sit around with the disciples laughing and making fun of people. I’m not saying we need to play nice guy. You could get in Mega-man’s face all you want and I would root you on. I just don’t get playing high school and laughing at the nerd with the gang of cool kids.


  14. TruthSeeker says:

    One more thing. I beg you to look at the purpose of this video. You can make it as righteous as you want, but the truth of what is conveyed can be seen in the responses you get. Phil was about the only one who took it in a way that I would consider healthy. Everyone else just took the opportunity to make fun of the mega-church guy and laugh at him. Please show me in scripture where Jesus laughs at the sin of others.

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