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As a pastor I long for the Bible to take a hold of people. But this is not simply a pastoral burden. All Christians love Christ, his word, and his glory. As a result, I am sure that a quote like the one included below kind of gets your heart beating and mind racing. There is great appeal here:

“Imagine if all Christians, as a part of their discipleship, were caught up in a web of regular Bible reading–not only digging into the word privately, but reading it with their children before bed, with their spouse over breakfast, with a non-Christian colleague at work once a week over lunch, with a new Christian for follow-up once a fortnight for mutual encouragement, with a mature Christian friend once a month for mutual encouragement.

It would be a chaotic web of personal relationships, prayer and Bible reading–more of a movement than a program–but at another level it would be profoundly simple and within reach of all.” –Marshall & Payne, The Trellis and The Vine, p. 57.

For many of us this starts in the home with Dads or Husbands leading like they ought to. Just take the Bible, open it up, and start reading. You don’t need 3 points, illustrations, or a conclusion. What we really need to do is just read and talk about what we read. You can do this tonight when you go home.

This can also happen in the sphere of Christian friendships. Just make it a priority. Same thing applies here within the workplace; you can make it a priority to talk with folks about the Scriptures.

Sidenote- These two posts might help with family devotions & workplace engagement:

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9 thoughts on “A Bible Reading Movement”

  1. Erik K. says:

    Great encouragement Erik. You’re spot on…take the Bible, open it and read it. In the immortal words of NIKE…”Just do it!” ;)

  2. Scott says:

    Great Post. Family worship in particular is a needed “revival” in our churches. Don Whitney, of Southern Seminary, has a wonderful little book on the subject.

  3. Erik says:

    Erik K. nicely done. you are exactly right.

    And btw, I REALLY enjoy what you are doing with the JC Ryle site. Keep it up.

  4. Erik says:

    Scott, Thanks for the recommendation. That is a great resource from Dr Whitney.

  5. Metalhead says:

    I follow the JC Ryle site often. I did not know anything about him until I came across the site by chance. Erik K….great job. Erik R….your site’s pretty good too ;)

  6. Erik says:

    You don’t have to be nice. I have been neglecting this blog like a bad parent for too long. I walked the aisle last week and rededicated my life to blogging. I also asked WordPress into my heart just to be sure.

  7. Erik K. says:

    Erik R. & “Metalhead” (is that your real name?…if so, cool!)

    Regarding my J.C. Ryle Quotes site, thanks for the kind and encouraging words.

    Though Ryle be dead, he yet “speaks.”

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