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It is a great indictment on humanity that the Son of God came to this world and was met with rejection. Of course this rejection is not merely passive. It never is. The examination of Jesus and subsequent rejection always has idolatry as its principle cause.

In other words, it is not merely a lackluster devotion to Jesus that motivates and sustains his rejection by people but it is their worship of other things. Jesus is simply not prized. He is not valued above all things.

It is amid humanity’s dirge that I hear heaven’s anthem.

The Christ who was examined by men and found to be lacking has also been examined by God and deemed to be precious.

The Apostle Peter writes:

As you come to him, a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious, (1 Peter 2.4)

This Jesus is the eternal fascination and delight of the Father. He forever reflects the manifold beauty of heaven. He lacks nothing.

In fact, it is Christ Jesus, the image of God, that makes heaven heavenly! It is his glorious portrait that is framed in the corridors of eternity. He is the one who’s image is reflected in the saints perfected. It his he that prevails as the great chorus of heaven’s hymnbook. It is Christ Jesus who is, in the sight of God precious!

This is good news for us as Christians. Chiefly because we are united to Christ by faith. We are mysteriously attached to him and therefore partakers of his blessings and viewed by virtue of his merit. And if God the Father is forever delighted with Jesus then he is forever delighted with his saints!

After all, we are never able to stand for a second on our own. Our obedience does not make God propitious. We have no means to avert wrath or remove guilt. Everywhere we turn we smudge and stain God’s creation. But through Christ we have received the righteousness of God. All of the Savior’s obedience has been given to us. His righteousness has been imputed to us. The garments of Christ, the unfading garments of Christ, have been given to us and stitched to our very soul by grace through faith (Rom. 3.23-35; Rom. 4.4-5; Rom. 5.1-2, 18-19).

Therefore, we, with all the blood bought saints, smile upon God’s eternal delight in Christ. We smile because we now, by grace, agree! And we smile because we are now, through Christ, accepted in God’s sight.

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4 thoughts on “Christ’s Righteousness has been Stitched to Our Soul”

  1. luke g says:

    I’m no baptist but…Amen!

  2. Erik says:

    I think you can say that without being Baptist. You haven’t become Presbyterian have you? I know it’s been awhile since we’ve talked…

  3. luke g. says:

    dutch reformed actually…Jk. We should get together soon. Praying for you and EBC

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