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About six months ago I was about to pull the plug on this blog. It was not what I wanted it to be and I didn’t have the energy (drive) to get it there.

At that time I was reminded by my best friend (my wife) of the benefits of disciplined writing and some of the impact over the last 4-plus years of writing. I decided to get back on the horse.

One of the ways in which I changed things was switching the name from “Irish Calvinist” to “Ordinary Pastor”. This helped provide a writing outlet for the heartbeat and burden I experience daily.

Not long after that I realized that it would be helpful to have something of a schedule for writing. I have pages in my Moleskine dedicated to things to write about but I’ve never had a real structure as to how to work them in. Over the last 5 months or so I have been detailing what I enjoy writing about and what tends to be the more popular articles (controversial posts aside). As a result, I’ve begun to dig into these spheres a bit more and post them within some sort of a structure. If you are a regular reader of this blog or new to it, I want to provide something of a road map for what to expect.

Mondays: Reflections on Sunday morning worship, perhaps something to do with the passage I preached.

Tuesdays: Issue Posts. Something that relates to gospel-shaped ministry and cultural discernment.

Wednesdays: Devotional Articles. Here I am overflowing something from personal devotions. (there are over 250 articles like this tagged in ‘affections‘ here or by clicking ‘devotions‘ in the header)

Thursdays: Issue Posts. Something that relates to gospel-shaped ministry and cultural discernment.

Fridays: Book Reviews. I love reading and recommending good and helpful books. (complete list of book reviews)

Saturdays: Devotional Article , same as above (may not always post on Saturdays)

Sundays: Devotional quote, usually from a dead guy fresh hair and mad game.

The schedule is not rigid but is at least a helpful framework. And I always reserve the write to post a devotional article any day :)

I have also decided to accept some advertising on the blog. I have contracted with a company I trust to run that and think it may be helpful to other ministries. I plan to have a post about that coming later this week. But, if you know of someone who may be interested, they may go here for more information.

I am truly thankful for you who read the site, especially those who interact and provide feedback. It’s sometimes difficult to ascertain what is truly helpful and needed from my end. Therefore, I’d love to hear back from you as to other suggestions in terms of types of helpful articles, emphasis, or topics. You can do this by leaving a comment here, on the Ordinary Pastor Facebook page or via Twitter (@erikraymond).



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2 thoughts on “Ordinary Pastor Blog Writing Schedule”

  1. donsands says:

    “Devotional quote, usually from a dead guy fresh hair and mad game.”

    I like that. Actually structure is a good thing. May our Lord bless it.

    1. Erik says:

      You have got to love some of those old photos.

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