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Imagine you are in the front seat of my mini-van and I ask you to look over your shoulder at the 2-year-old in the back row. As you’d turn you would see a curly haired, brown-eyed, little girl belting out the Great Commission! This is not a one time deal, it is every time we get in the car. Our little Zoë makes her request, “Put on make disiciples..” She not only has memorized the verses but she is enjoying it!

How did this happen? One word: Seeds.

If you have not heard of the Seeds project then you need to. Seeds is a group that puts Scripture to catchy, fun music for kids. The songs engage them and teach them the Scriptures. There are several albums based upon various themes in Scripture and all done really, really well.

Seeds has enhanced our driving and our devotions by teaching the kids the Scriptures. They sing along in the car and do solos in the house. Can you imagine the joy of looking in the rear-view mirror and watching your baby girl’s lips mouth the words to Phil. 4.6-7? It is awesome. If you are a parent, brother, sister, grandparent, uncle, aunt, cousin, or friend of kids then you need to give this a look. I can honestly say it has been a great blessing to our family. This may not be the only way to get your kids to memorize the Bible but it is definitely a way, and a very effective way at that.

Here is a link to Amazon for MP3 downloads and album purchases if you are interested.

And here is a sample video of Phil. 4.6-7:

and then another…

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5 thoughts on “How Do You Get Your Kids to Memorize Scripture?”

  1. Jill Stetson says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Erik says:

      You got it Jill. I’m sure I’ll overhear Andy humming the tunes.

  2. Blake Johnson says:

    Very glad you’re spreading the word about Seeds! We’ve been enjoying the benefits of these cds for about a year now, and you said it– to hear our young kids belting out scripture from the back seat is so exciting. Finally, some great kids music that isn’t lame…

    1. Erik says:

      Blake, so good to hear from you. Glad you are benefitting from this stuff. It’s great to remember that you have kids; God is so good to provide such blessings.

  3. Eric says:

    Thanks for sharing, Erik! My wife and I are expecting our first in September and I will definitely be getting some of these for our little girl to store up God’s Word in her heart.

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