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There are some people that we are just drawn to. They may be interesting, admirable, strange, or a host of other options. We watch them. We listen to them.

Then there are others who we follow. They may or may not be interesting but they are definitely leaders. The compass of their life is calibrated by a compelling vision. We line up behind them and follow.

Dr. Albert Mohler is one of these guys for me. Though I did not attend Southern Seminary I have nonetheless been digesting everything I can get my eyes and ears on from him. As you might imagine, I was excited to hear of his new book, but doubly excited due to the subject he was to tackle: leadership. Dr. Mohler’s testimony of leadership at Southern Seminary and implementation of change and progress are well-documented. The story harkens us to come and hear from him, to learn leadership from this leader.

As you can see from the title Conviction to Lead, Mohler is intending to unite beliefs with leadership. He is not content with the popular conceptions of leadership. In fact, he boldly says that he is setting out to change them:

Let me warn you right up front—my goal is to change the way you think about leadership. I do not aim merely to add one more voice to the conversation; I want to fundamentally change the way leadership is understood and practiced.

My goal is to knock the blocks out from under the current models of leadership and forge a new way. I stake my life on the priority of right beliefs and convictions, and at the same time I want to lead so that those very beliefs are perpetuated in others.

My goal is to redefine Christian leadership so that it is inseparable from passionately held beliefs, and to motivate those who are deeply committed to truth to be ready for leadership. I want to see a generation arise that is simultaneously leading with conviction and driven by the conviction to lead. The generation that accomplishes this will set the world on fire.

In 25 (relatively short and easily digestible) chapters Mohler leads the reader through a clinic on leadership. He touches everything from why leaders need to read to why they need to be passionate to why they need to trust their instincts. It is all gold.

But for an unabashed Mohler fan this book does something else that we have all been looking for; it pulls back the curtain. Dr. Mohler shares personal stories and opinions which make for a very personable book. It is like being invited into his library for coffee and conversation after an evening service at his church. He is breaking down events from his life and how he had to make difficult decisions and why. It is, as I’ve said, gold.

This is the best thing that I’ve read on leadership. If you are in a position of leadership or desire to be then this book should be on your list.

I’m thankful for Dr. Mohler’s committment not only to lead so many but to help others lead as well.

You can pick up Conviction to Lead at Amazon where it is also in Kindle format.

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One thought on “Book Review: Conviction to Lead”

  1. I, too love Dr. Mohler and just added this to my book list. It’s amazing how personal stories heard in books and from mentors shape you so much. This book sounds like a good investment, thanks for the recommendation!

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