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We all know that that technology can make things easier. I was reminded recently that embarrassment was among the things that technology makes easier.

As I visited with a new family at church I did what routinely do, share my contact information from my phone. The gentleman looked surprisingly, “Who’s knucklehead?”

I quickly reviewed my contact info and saw that my name was in fact “Knucklehead”.

I played dumb because I was in fact dumb in this regard. I quickly apologized and updated my contact. I was nearly certain that this type of prank was even beyond my teenage sons.

About two weeks later the culprit emerged: Siri. That technological butler had drawn a mustache on my contact info.

The story goes that my wife was playing with Siri at the table (My wife has quite a sense of humor and can get Siri to say some very funny things). The kids were laughing. It was good fun.

Apparently during the fun my wife said, “Siri, call me Knucklehead.” The ever compliant Siri quickly updated my contact info to reflect my name. I was now “Knucklehead”.

The story confirms several true identities. Siri remains eager to please. My wife is a hilarious joker. I of course am a knucklehead. The visitors are still coming.

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One thought on ““Call Me Knucklehead””

  1. Thanks for this Friday laugh…. :)

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