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A couple of days ago we had to turn on the air conditioner in the house. The temperature outside was over 80 degrees and the temperature inside was nearing the same. This I did even though it bristled against my prideful resolution to wait until May to hit activate the arctic cool. Less than 48 hours later we were in a Winter Storm Warning. You can’t predict this stuff.

I read where someone said this is like Narnia before Aslan, always winter and never Christmas. Well, maybe not quite that bad. This type of thing is not unprecedented in Omaha (or other cooler climates). It actually snowed 2″ on May 9, 1945. I heard recently of a town in Colorado getting snow on the 4th of July.

This type of exaggerated fluctuation helps to remind us of the instability of the world around us. Paul tells us that the creation groans (Rom. 8.22). We witness unpredictable wind, floods, hurricanes, tornados, heat, and cold. Amid the weather whiplash of the last few days we join the chorus with creation awaiting the final liberation and restoration through Christ. Until then we groan in the slush alongside of the wilted tulips.

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5 thoughts on “Weather Whiplash and Kingdom Groaning”

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for seeing and sharing a Biblical application in what is usually a mundane part of our existence.

    1. Erik Raymond says:

      You got it man. Thanks for reading.

  2. Puritan Nerd says:

    As one of the 600,000 that make up your comparable neighbor to the east (Des Moines), I know your pain as I watch the snow fall out my bedroom window as we speak….May 2nd, mind you. Actually, as a weather freak, I’m actually finding myself frequently jealous that you guys seem to always get the good strong storms, while I get to watch the “weather hole” around Des Moines do its thing. In any case, yes, the volatility of the weather is just another indication of the fall, and the pervasiveness of its consequences. It’s also a testimony to how temporal things can’t be taken for granted. We just had our AC on here too. :-)

    God Bless!

    -John (Co-host, A Rebel’s Cause Radio)

  3. Ah, ya whiners! Rochester, MN got 15.5″ inches of the wet, mushy stuff yesterday, about 2″ more fell thru the late night hours and we’re due for about 1-2″ more today. I only started to get worried when I saw Mr. Tumnus being hauled off on a sleigh pulled by wolves and driven by a snarky li’l dwarf.

  4. wes says:

    I am using this column in my newsletter article for this week. Aslo, I will post on our web page Tuesday. I hope you don’t mind. I will give acknowledgement and a link to your page. Thanks

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