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As a pastor I am thankful for the technological developments of the last couple of decades. We can no do things in a matter of minutes which took previous generations hours to do. The resource and platform that seems to have set the pace is Logos. I use it daily for Bible reading, study, sermon preparation, and commentary reading. I especially appreciate how seamlessly it works across devices (iPad, iPhone, Desktop).

Logos has now released a new product that aims to help make the experience better. 1,500 Quotes for Preachers is a resource that has organized quotations by church era, title, theme, and associated Scripture reference. The breakdown of volumes are chronological (300 from the early, Medieval, Reformation, Puritans, and Modern Church). As I scanned through I found quotes from Augustine, Calvin, Baxter, Bunyan, Spurgeon, and more. With links to the original works and an easy reference slide, this made sense for me in what I do. I pass it along because I know many of this blog’s readers are pastors like me who can use all the help we can get in saving time while improving clarity.

Here is the link. Check out 1,500 Quotations for Preachers, with Slides (5 Vol.)

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