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My wife is a great cook. I’m not just saying that because I have to or because I am a guy and eat whatever is in front of me. No, my wife is actually a phenomenal cook. She follows recipes, creates recipes, and flat out freestyles like a culinary ninja in the kitchen. As you’d guess, I really like her cooking. However, there are times when she blows us away. Surprising flavor matched with presentation washed down with a savoring that is unmatched. These are the times of particular grace when I am button-holed and reminded, my wife can cook.

Similarly, God is faithful. I mean, he is really faithful. I am not just saying that because I have to or because that is what Christians say. No, God is really faithful. He keeps his promises, he blesses, he works through prayer, and he opens the eyes of people to believe the gospel.

As a pastor I get to see this quite a bit. To my shame, I sometimes get used to it and forget to marvel. On such occasions God tends to graciously grab ahold of my collar and really get my attention.

This happened this last week. My daughter Alexis was baptized at our church on Sunday morning. She gave testimony to the work of Christ for her and her desire to follow Jesus. We rejoiced and blessed God for his faithfulness. As parents we can remember praying for years for her salvation and now we see God answering these prayers.

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But God did not stop there. He showed me an extra reminder of his faithfulness and the importance of the day to day basics of Christianity. When I came into my office this morning I moved some books around and a couple of small pieces of paper fell out of one of them. On one side was a Bible reading schedule and on the other a prayer list. It was from 2004 and included requests for my family and friends. Among those listed was little Alexis, less than a year old at the time. On the list for her was “salvation, be kept from (devastating) sin, grow into a godly woman and be a fiery evangelist.”

This is one of those examples where God reminds me of his faithfulness. He is faithful in the big picture, the salvation of sinners and the restoration of broken things. He is also faithful in the seemingly little things like hearing the prayers of a guy working in the insurance industry as he pleads for his daughter’s salvation. This serves to be a good reminder and motivator for me today. God delights to hear and answer prayer. He is with us, listening and working through circumstances.

Sometimes I just need to be still so I can smell and savor the buffet of grace that he has prepared.

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6 thoughts on “God is Faithful. No, Listen, He IS Faithful.”

  1. Richard says:


    Thanks! This was a practical and needed reminder for me and my wife.

    1. Erik Raymond says:

      Great to hear! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Deanna Doctor says:

    Erik, thanks for this great reminder of our need to cling to the faithfulness of God. My husband and I keep a journal of those times in our life when God showed His faithfulness to us in specific areas we were praying over. We periodically read back through it and use it as a praise part of our prayer time. It reminds us that nothing is too large for our God Who continues to act on our behalf for our good and His glory!

    1. Erik Raymond says:

      Good job on the journal; I’d imagine that would be a tremendous blessing to read that backwards!

  3. Joey E says:

    I love when God gives me reminders like this. He knows that my faith wavers. He helps me keep believing in Him. You’re right — He is amazingly faithful!

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