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We are thankful that the Bible addresses a wide variety of questions and issues. Throughout church history we have been able to have many important questions answered by the Scriptures. At the same time this comprehensive biblical coverage provides answers that occasionally make people uneasy. Often times these topics are referred to as “controversial issues.” Some people want to avoid talking about these things and others enjoy it. The former out of a distaste for controversy and the latter out of a craving for it. Still others find these topics important and aim to cut through the fog to show what the Bible teaches and why it is important for the church to think through.

In Things That Go Bump in the Church I believe the authors are aiming to cut through the fog and be helpful. They tackle 14 topics ranging from sin to grace to free will to homosexuality to demons to church discipline. The three authors, (Mike Abendroth, Clint Archer, and Byron Yawn), themselves pastors, work through the issues in a pastoral fashion.

Books like this don’t aim to present anything new, they are trying to reinforce what is true. In so doing they give confidence to those who may be wavering while also providing a fresh way to articulate the biblical doctrine. As a pastor, I find these types of books, when they are done well, to be a rich blessing. They remind me of the importance of the doctrine and help me to communicate it to those I shepherd.

As I said at the outset, the issues they tackled are often considered controversial. You shouldn’t be surprised therefore if you happen to disagree with the authors at some point. However, you will find yourself encouraged as you, yourself work through it again.

The one thing I wasn’t won over by with this book was the title. Maybe Things That Go Bump in the Church has some pop culture reference that I don’t get but it would seem that another title would better communicate what they were after.

I recommend the book and think it would be a valuable contribution to your library as you think through these perennially controversial but still important issues.

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One thought on “Book Review: Things that Go Bump in the Church”

  1. Layne stanford says:

    Good book. I’m sending copies to those family members who need clarification on these areas but are unwilling to hear it from me.

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