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forgotten trinityThe Trinity is a doctrine that Christians understand to be very important. At the same time many do not understand it very well. See for yourself. Ask 5-6 Christians this week for a definition of the Trinity and see what you get. Why do we tolerate a lack of familiarity, understanding, and appreciation for who our God really is?

There are many great resources to help equip believers to better understand and appreciate this doctrine. One that I have enjoyed very much over the years is The Forgotten Trinity by Dr James White. In this brief and accessible book Dr White writes to familiarize readers with the biblical doctrine, walk through difficult passages, and to defend it against various Christian heresies.

If you are not familiar with Dr White he is a debater. He has debated Mormons, Muslims, Roman Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and textual critics for decades. He is quite good at it also. One of the things I appreciate about James is how he seeks to understand his opponent before dismantling their argument. This requires careful and thorough study. Along with this is the ability to explain complex doctrines in an understandable way. Add to this White’s precision with the biblical languages and depth in systematic theology and you have a good recipe for a book on the Trinity.

Over the years I have read through this book with people who were looking to get a better understanding of the Trinity. In a couple of instances it stemmed from conversations with members of a cult. People in my church wanted to be better equipped. The Forgotten Trinity was quite helpful.

If you are looking to better understand, appreciate, and defend the Trinity, I suggest picking up The Forgotten Trinity by Dr White. Discounted copies are available at Amazon (kindle).

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