When Mockers Marvel

God overcomes our petulance with his patience. His faithfulness overrules our faithlessness. He takes mockers like you and me and makes us marvel at him.

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The Christian Life Is Not the Bargain Bin

The Christian life is difficult. It’s not quite spitting into the wind hard, but it’s still tough. But there is a difference between it being hard and being lousy.

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The Shadow Eclipsed by the Substance

In the moment where Jesus stands before the high priest we have the beauty of God’s eternal plan face to face with the depravity of humanity. Praise God that the substance eclipses the shadow.

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The Kingdom Consoles and Compels Us

The kingdom of God advances through the expression of the King’s gifts to the church. When working properly the church matures and Christ takes ground in the hearts of men and in the world.

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Joy to the World

The long-awaited Savior has come. And he has come to bring to regular, ordinary people like you and me.

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Will God Condemn the Innocent?

We ask with Abimelech, “Lord, will you indeed condemn the innocent?” And God answers us from the blood-stained cross, “Never, except once, so that I could pardon the guilty.”

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The Christmas Present in Lot’s Cave

Rejoice! Amid the darkness there is a Christmas present in Lot’s cave. The Savior with the checkered lineage and dysfunctional family story has come to remake and renew us by his power.

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The Precious Blood of Christ

Since the blood of Christ is precious to God it is to become increasingly precious to those who love and follow God.

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3 Motivations to Hate Sin

Until sin is actually hated for its odious and repulsive character we will not make true progress in godliness. We may make progress in morality but not holiness; for this requires a godly hatred of sin.

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Don’t Bring a Plastic Spoon to a Knife Fight

Do you realize that your Christian life is a spiritual battle? How are we to go about fighting in it? What are the tools and tactics for this war? In light of the stakes, we must be clear on this.

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