The Shadow Eclipsed by the Substance

In the moment where Jesus stands before the high priest we have the beauty of God’s eternal plan face to face with the depravity of humanity. Praise God that the substance eclipses the shadow.

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The Christmas Present in Lot’s Cave

Rejoice! Amid the darkness there is a Christmas present in Lot’s cave. The Savior with the checkered lineage and dysfunctional family story has come to remake and renew us by his power.

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Book Review: Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church

An ambitious book that aims to help Christians read, interpret, study, preach, and counsel. It not only does it but it does it extremely well!

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From the Tent of Noah to the Tent of Shem

God uses the occasion of one of the most disturbing texts of the Bible to lift people’s chins to see his big-picture plan to save the nations through Christ.

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Consider the Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things, the small details, that hit the high notes of our praise.

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The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross

The story of the gospel is simple enough that a child can understand it and profound enough to fill the most mature mind with wonder. Praise God for the beautiful story of God rescuing his children.

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Faithful Evangelism Begins with Clear Sight

Faithful evangelism begins with clear sight: a sight of God and his glory, a sight of self and our sin, a sight of others and their need.

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Can Your Theology Handle the book of Lamentations?

When is the last time you read Lamentations? God puts books like this in the Bible so we better understand the depths of our sin and his grace.

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God’s Goodness in the Vineyard

God’s goodness is on display in the Bible through salvation and judgment.

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Reading the Newspaper with Habakkuk

I have been preaching through the book of Habakkuk and it has been very refreshing and instructive. One area of encouragement came through the interplay between current events and the context of God’s overarching plan. I think it is particularly helpful when we think about the current events in the world today.

If you are not familiar with the book let me set the table a bit. Israel is in a bad place in the early 7th Century BC. Assyria has kicked their teeth in a bit, deporting many and dominating those who remain. Because of the people’s rebellion against God’s Word they are suffering from the suffocating rule of a pagan nation. Habakkuk looks around and sees things getting worse rather than better. He cries out to God in chapter 1 declaring that he is fatigued and somewhat frustrated with what he sees. He wants answers as well as salvation.

God does answer him but not in the way that Habakkuk would have expected or even desired. God says that he is going to deal with the Assyrians and the rebellious covenant community by raising up and deploying the Babylonians. And, it would get very, very bad.

Through all of this however, Habakkuk is taught a very important lesson: God has an ultimate plan, an endgame, for both the nations and his people. To borrow from Jim Hamilton’s excellent book title, God will bring Salvation through Judgment”. God’s people will be saved. God’s enemies will be judged. But, the saving will not be …

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