Remember the Day the Freak Met Jesus?

How powerful is this gospel? The first missionary that Jesus sends was formerly a streaking, demon-possessed, howling, tomb-dwelling, outlaw.

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The Bible Is Unbreakable

As Christians we should thank God for how he has preserved the Bible. This gives us confidence in evangelism and in our own daily walk.

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Faithful Evangelism Begins with Clear Sight

Faithful evangelism begins with clear sight: a sight of God and his glory, a sight of self and our sin, a sight of others and their need.

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Surprising Conversions Are Often Attended by Hard Work

Are there clues for how God brings about surprising works of grace? What ordinary things seem to attend his extraordinary work?

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Book Review- Fool’s Talk

Christians should be persuasive, and with his new book Fool’s Talk, Os Guinness offers a comprehensive presentation of the art and power of creative and distinctly Christian persuasion.

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A Recipe for Evangelistic Faithfulness

Do you struggle with faithfulness in evangelism? One of the reasons for evangelistic apathy is our lack of love for those around us. Jesus models the way forward. He springs us from ambivalence and apathy to burdened and active.

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The Gospel Brings a Debt

The gospel removes our debt from sin with God and brings a debt to evangelize our neighbors and the nations. We want to get the gospel to them. We owe them.

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Are You Out of (Evangelism) Shape?

What if faithful evangelism was simply part of faithful Christianity?

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Diagnosing Evangelistic Apathy

Why don’t we evangelize more faithfully?

This is a general but nevertheless important question. There are a number of true and helpful ways to get at answering it, but I want to simply focus on one here. One reason that we do not evangelize is that we don’t consistently believe the gospel. There is not a consistent “buy-in” for the powerful truth of it.

Think about an ambassador for any organization. Their value is not simply in holding the position but in believing in its mission. Think about those who endorse a product. How valuable would a Pepsi promoter be if he was seen drinking Coke all the time? I am not attempting to reduce the gospel down to a product to be peddled but simply showing that even in everyday life the principle shows itself forth. The best proponents of something are those who actually buy in. They are truly behind it.

Is there any wonder why the gospel is far from our minds in conversations with unbelievers if it is likewise distant from our talks with other Christians? Some Christians have grown adept at never talking about the gospel at all. Never mind with those who are headed to hell, they don’t talk about it with those who are going to heaven!

One thing you notice when you read the letters of Paul is that he was always banging the gospel drum. He talked about the gospel when he talked about anything. Question about marriage? Gospel (Eph. 5:22-33). How about division in …

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Notecard Answers for Why I Believe the Bible

As Christians we are to always be ready to give a defense of the hope that is within us (1 Pet. 3:15). The basis of this hope is our confidence that the Bible is God’s Word. It is trustworthy and sufficient.

There are many times when our confidence in the Bible can come under attack. Consider a temptation to doubt the truth of God’s Word when you or someone close to you is diagnosed with a severe medical condition. Are you tempted to doubt the sufficiency and truthfulness of God’s promises? Or consider the moment of great temptation to sin. Like Eve you are appraising the way the desire can bring satisfaction to you and meet your need. You weigh this against God’s Word. At some point you have to remind yourself of the truthfulness of the Bible. Finally, consider a conversation with an unbelieving friend who is sanctioning their lifestyle because the Bible is not true. In each of these scenarios you need to have some quick, simple, and compelling truths on retainer.

I’ve put these 5 together as something of a quick reference notecard for why I believe the Bible. I’m sure there is an acronym or something clever but I’ve not thought of it.

(1) The Biblical Argument.

By this I simply mean that the Bible claims to be God’s Word. This claim is not just in a remote passage or book but throughout. We read in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, …

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