The Gospel Diet

We are prevented from despair from sin because we are loved and we are prevented from religious pride because Christ died for our sins.

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Running to the Pantry of Good Works

Instead of looking to Christ, we too often look to ourselves to console our guilt and remove our shame.

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Smelling the Gospel Flowers in Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs often gets typcasted simply as wisdom for daily living. But, are there gospel scents among the sage’s pages?

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You Don’t Want a King Who Hides in the Luggage

We don’t want a king who hides in the luggage but one who embraced his kingdom and triumphantly conquered his foes.

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Are You Aiding and Abetting Apathy?

When people open up and confess their apathy with the Word and prayer, resist the urge to do nothing, but instead, aim to help them grow.

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The Gospel Sneaks Up on Me

Even after twenty years of being a Christian the gospel still surprises me. Like a playful child hiding behind a door, it jumps out and gets me when I’m least expecting it.

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What Is the Difference between Justification and Sanctification?

What is the difference between justification and sanctification? Justification means being declared righteous, while sanctification means growing in righteousness.

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God Still Uses Ordinary Means and Ordinary Men

We must remember that God still uses ordinary means and ordinary men to accomplish extraordinary things.

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Jesus, the Fig Tree, and the Temple

On Tuesday of Passion Week Jesus curses a fig tree and visits the temple. But why did he curse the fig tree?

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That Dreadful Cup and Our Faithful Savior

It wasn’t the prospect of martyrdom—wrath at the hands of men—that weighed so heavily upon Jesus, it was wrath of God.

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