Pastoral Ministry Does Not Have to Be Sedentary

Pastors spend a lot of time in a chair but it is probably more than they need to. Here are some tips for a more healthy, efficient ministry.

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Are You a Discouraged Pastor?

Pastors can often become discouraged, wondering if they are making a difference. The Bible reminds us of the true measurement for a preacher and how he can be liberated to joyfully trust and serve God in the ministry.

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Does Your Pastor Love You?

How do you know if your pastor loves you? The biblical answer is often overlooked and in need of recovery.

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Do You Believe You’re Dispensable?

What a wonderful and humbling reality: God uses us but he doesn’t need us.

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Hey Pastors, Your Preaching Is Not in Vain!

With the constant exposure to the impact of sin, limited growth, and personal discouragement, the pastor may be tempted to believe his preaching is not doing anything. But, since Christ has risen from the dead, we can be assured that in fact our preaching is not in vain.

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What Can Pastors Learn from Donald Trump?

Pastors have to be very careful to remember that their job is not to gather crowds and renown for themselves but to make disciples and gather renown for Jesus.

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Pastors, Platforms, and Pride

It is not the acquisition of popularity that is the problem but rather the prideful aspiration of it.

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How to Spice Up Bland Sermons

Have your sermons illustrations and word pictures become predictably bland? Here are some tips for adding some freshness to your preaching.

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Some Benefits from Pastoral Visitation

Pastoral ministry is hard and pastors need encouragement. This is why I want to convince pastors to prioritize visitation.

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Common Evangelical Attacks Against Sola Scriptura

When we trade out sola scriptura for sola experienca we not only lose the power to sanctify but the essence of what it means to live as a Christian.

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