Book Review: ‘Discerning Your Call to Ministry’

The language of being “called to ministry” often brings with it the need for clarifying questions. What does it mean to be called? Who calls you? How do you know you are called? This book will prove helpful.

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Be Careful Not to Minimize Your Sunday

Pastors and church members should rightly be excited about surprising developments and demonstrations of grace but they should never become unimpressed or familiar with the ordinary means of grace that God has provided.

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Book Review: Biblical Church Revitalization

Thousands of churches close their doors each year. Think about that for a minute. When churches close there is a haunting hush of a lamp being extinguished in a community. This is heartbreaking. This book helps equip us for what to do about this troubling epidemic.

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My One Suit and One Gospel

This gospel is so gloriously appropriate. It is the calibration for all of life. It instructs marriages and wipes away the widows tears. It humbles the proud and strengthens the weak. And in every situation it asserts itself as the beautiful sufficient, ultimate priority of all of life. The gospel is gloriously versatile.

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Pastoral Ministry Does Not Have to Be Sedentary

Pastors spend a lot of time in a chair but it is probably more than they need to. Here are some tips for a more healthy, efficient ministry.

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Are You a Discouraged Pastor?

Pastors can often become discouraged, wondering if they are making a difference. The Bible reminds us of the true measurement for a preacher and how he can be liberated to joyfully trust and serve God in the ministry.

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Does Your Pastor Love You?

How do you know if your pastor loves you? The biblical answer is often overlooked and in need of recovery.

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Do You Believe You’re Dispensable?

What a wonderful and humbling reality: God uses us but he doesn’t need us.

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Hey Pastors, Your Preaching Is Not in Vain!

With the constant exposure to the impact of sin, limited growth, and personal discouragement, the pastor may be tempted to believe his preaching is not doing anything. But, since Christ has risen from the dead, we can be assured that in fact our preaching is not in vain.

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What Can Pastors Learn from Donald Trump?

Pastors have to be very careful to remember that their job is not to gather crowds and renown for themselves but to make disciples and gather renown for Jesus.

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