Pastoral Bullies

The pastoral bully has forgotten the Word of God and the worth of God. Little wonder then he has little regard for the people of God.

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The Emmaus Residency: Pastoral Training in a Local Church

Do you desire ministry training within the context of a local church? The Emmaus Residency aims to equip aspiring pastors through instruction, opportunities to serve, and honest evaluation.

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We Need More ‘Parlour Preachers’

If we want to see more people come to know and follow Jesus then we must be more faithful talking about the gospel in natural conversations.

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The Only Perfect Part of the Sunday Service

The only perfect part of the Sunday service is when the Bible is read. When we open up the Scriptures and read the Word of God we are ensuring that perfection is on display.

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Do You Invite Critique of Your Sermons?

The bottom line here is that we as pastors should care more about getting the Bible right than simply feeling like we’re right.

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We Can’t Microwave People Into Maturity

While we live amid a microwave culture we are never called to a microwave model of ministry. People need to be marinated and often slow-roasted in the truth.

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What Is a Church Member’s Responsibility to the Pastor?

The relationship between the church member and their pastor is to be one that reflects a shared partnership in ministry together.

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The Necessity of Prayer in Sermon Prep

Prayer is just as important for the preparation of the sermon as it is for the delivery of it.

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Truth and Tone Go Hand-in-Hand

The pastor must be firmly committed to the truth while maintaining a tone that is consistent with the truth. In other words, truth and tone go hand-in-hand.

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Pastors Can’t Afford to Neglect Themselves

Many pastors don’t prioritize their own personal development because of other pressing concerns. Long-term this is bad for them and for their church.

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