Tips for a Strategic Ministry

Prayer is a strategic ministry. Any ministry strategy that does not include or emphasize prayer is a bad strategy.

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When Sin Keeps You From Prayer

When we recognize the corrosive nature of sin and how it eats away at our spiritual life, we will be compelled to keep short accounts with God and fight through seasons of guilt from prayerlessness.

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Don’t Look Past the Privilege of Prayer

Have you considered that your actions can hinder your greatest blessing?

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Praying in the ‘No-Spin’ Zone

Is your prayer closet a “spin-zone”? The experiences of our lives are to provide the context for our praying. We are meant to feel, think, and pray. So we lament, rejoice, cry, sing, hope, and groan. The prayer closet should be the ultimate no spin zone.

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Can Jesus Relate to My Temptations?

Jesus’ temptation demonstrates both the depth of his identification with us while also showing the power of his victory for us.

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God Unties the Knots of Our Hearts

Often times Christians struggle with prayer because they forget the wonderful intimacy that comes from their relationship to God. In prayer we crawl upon our Father’s lap where he unties the knots of our hearts.

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Don’t Just Pray About It

The Bible instructs both to pray and to expectantly watch. Both are demonstrations of faith.

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Prayer is what Buckles on all the Christian’s Armor

Prayer is that which buckles on all the Christain’s armour. Since the Christian must wear God’s armor at all times, he must pray without ceasing.

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Book Review- Prayer

This was one of the best books I have ever read on prayer. Practical – Theological – Historical — It made me want to pray.

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Striving for a More Intentional Life of Prayer

To avoid stagnation in prayer consider being more intentional with scheduling your times to pray and using the Bible as your prayer book.

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