Do You Invite Critique of Your Sermons?

The bottom line here is that we as pastors should care more about getting the Bible right than simply feeling like we’re right.

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The Necessity of Prayer in Sermon Prep

Prayer is just as important for the preparation of the sermon as it is for the delivery of it.

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That Sunday Morning My Sermon Notes Disappeared

Just prior to preaching my sermon I realized that my notes had vanished. This event challenged me to ask, “Am I too reliant on technology?”

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Preachers Are Prone to Overpronation

Most preachers don’t realize their tendencies toward a particular category of application. Without careful consideration and feedback the sermons can lean in a predictable direction and underserve their congregation.

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How to Sabotage Your Pastor’s Sermons

Would you like to sabotage your pastor’s preaching? Here are five surefire ways to do it.

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An Often Neglected Treasure Chest for Sermon Illustrations

Sermon illustrations are often hard to come by. But are we neglecting a treasure chest for our illustrations?

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My One Suit and One Gospel

This gospel is so gloriously appropriate. It is the calibration for all of life. It instructs marriages and wipes away the widows tears. It humbles the proud and strengthens the weak. And in every situation it asserts itself as the beautiful sufficient, ultimate priority of all of life. The gospel is gloriously versatile.

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Are You a Discouraged Pastor?

Pastors can often become discouraged, wondering if they are making a difference. The Bible reminds us of the true measurement for a preacher and how he can be liberated to joyfully trust and serve God in the ministry.

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Hey Pastors, Your Preaching Is Not in Vain!

With the constant exposure to the impact of sin, limited growth, and personal discouragement, the pastor may be tempted to believe his preaching is not doing anything. But, since Christ has risen from the dead, we can be assured that in fact our preaching is not in vain.

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Giving Your Pastor Sermon Feedback

When you think of your pastor and his preaching don’t think of it like an uninterested consumer. Instead think in terms of a family, a partnership in the most important organization in the world. You are working together to display the glory of God as you hear and respond to God’s word together.

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