Don’t Bring a Plastic Spoon to a Knife Fight

Do you realize that your Christian life is a spiritual battle? How are we to go about fighting in it? What are the tools and tactics for this war? In light of the stakes, we must be clear on this.

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Are You Prizing Comfort Over Peace?

If we avoid peace for the sake of personal comfort then we prize peace over comfort. This is selfish, anti-gospel, and harmful to the church. Therefore it is something that we should make sure that we are not doing.

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A Primer on Mortification of Sin

It is not simply the term mortification that is foreign to many today, it is also the practice. This post aims to familiarize the term and encourage the practice.

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A Spirit-Led Life is a Sin-Killing Life

One of the ways we know we are living a Spirit-led life is if we see evidence that it is a sin-killing life.

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Don’t Look Past the Privilege of Prayer

Have you considered that your actions can hinder your greatest blessing?

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Apostasy and Backsliding Look Alike

Because backsliding and apostasy both look the same in their early stages we must be careful not to relativize or excuse patterns of spiritual apathy.

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The Modern Man and His Fantasy World

Many men are far too busy conquering fake lands, looking at fake women, and winning fake championships to follow Christ’s path of self-denying, cross-bearing, service.

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The Privilege of Christian Friendships

Having a friend who is a Christian is a great blessing but having a Christian friendship is even better.

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Having Trouble in Ministry? Just Face it. Literally.

When (not if) things get hard in ministry you need to spend time in prayer for yourself and your people rather than feeding a critical spirit.

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What Will This Look Like When You’re 80?

When we evaluate our lives in light of the end it tends to clarify our priorities.

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