A Spirit-Led Life is a Sin-Killing Life

One of the ways we know we are living a Spirit-led life is if we see evidence that it is a sin-killing life.

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Don’t Look Past the Privilege of Prayer

Have you considered that your actions can hinder your greatest blessing?

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Apostasy and Backsliding Look Alike

Because backsliding and apostasy both look the same in their early stages we must be careful not to relativize or excuse patterns of spiritual apathy.

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The Modern Man and His Fantasy World

Many men are far too busy conquering fake lands, looking at fake women, and winning fake championships to follow Christ’s path of self-denying, cross-bearing, service.

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The Privilege of Christian Friendships

Having a friend who is a Christian is a great blessing but having a Christian friendship is even better.

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Having Trouble in Ministry? Just Face it. Literally.

When (not if) things get hard in ministry you need to spend time in prayer for yourself and your people rather than feeding a critical spirit.

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What Will This Look Like When You’re 80?

When we evaluate our lives in light of the end it tends to clarify our priorities.

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A Framework for Purity: Fighting Lust with Lust


Like any pastor I find myself talking with men about pornography and other expressions of sinful lust. Through the years I have found that there is a biblical framework that is often neglected when counseling through this issue. I have laid it out in some detail here, and I regret that it is so long. However, I post it because it has served to help many through the years. In short the post is broken into three parts: 1) What is Lust? 2) Where is it sourced? 3) How do I combat it? The answer to this is not to stop desiring things but to properly desire God. Hence the title, “Fighting Lust with Lust”. We combat sinful lust by fixing our “lust” upon the glory of Christ. In other words, we slay sin by savoring Christ.

Awhile back I preached a sermon in which I emphasized the deception and danger of lust. I regretted not being able to further develop the topic, specifically how to fight lust. The answer to lust may surprise some, but it is the answer and frankly the only answer to lust that ultimately works.

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We Need a Few Good Men

Every man desires to be considered a “good man”. If God has given a man 75 years of life and he looks back at it, nothing would give him more joy than to know that it wasn’t in vain. Further, the church is in desperate need of good men. The reason of course is that good men honor God and multiply themselves. Good men make more good men.

But, what do they look like?

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Your Obedience is Not Just About You

Over the last 15 or so years of being a Christian I’ve observed a recurring trend. When I ask someone how I can be praying for them I often hear about a need to be more faithful with spiritual disciplines (Bible reading, prayer, etc). In most of these conversations the believer talks like he/she is a soloist. While they know that spiritual laziness is wrong it seems to be mitigated by the appearance of it being contained and ok. While it is not ideal it is not a big deal. Who are we hurting, after all, when we don’t read our pray? Who suffers when my eyes are glued to Netflix and my Bible gathers dust? What’s the big deal about me not coming to Sunday worship? There is a pervasive downplaying of the overall impact of our obedience and our disobedience.

The bottom-line is that your obedience as a Christian is not just for you. And therefore, you disobedience does not simply impact you.

It’s About God

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