The Cross Displays God’s Attributes in Perfect Harmony

The cross of Christ is the amphitheater hosting the symphony of God’s attributes. And the symphony plays in perfect harmony.

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The Attributes of God Displayed at the Cross

The cross of Christ is the supreme demonstration of all of the divine attributes.

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What Is the Difference between Justification and Sanctification?

What is the difference between justification and sanctification? Justification means being declared righteous, while sanctification means growing in righteousness.

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Are You Allergic to God’s Judgment?

If we are allergic to his judgment then we will also be allergic to his glory, for God is glorified, not only through salvation but also judgment.

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How Do You Reconcile God’s Justice with His Mercy?

Even though in our minds what is good and just may have some tension, in God’s mind these two are in perfect harmony. We can be confident that God will always do what is right.

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Why Do They Care More About Dogs than People?

People often seem to be far more concerned with pets than people. Is this innocent or is it reflective of a more deeply personal and theological issue?

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Faithful Evangelism Begins with Clear Sight

Faithful evangelism begins with clear sight: a sight of God and his glory, a sight of self and our sin, a sight of others and their need.

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How Do You Think of Your Heavenly Father?

There are two common impediments to a joyful relationship with our heavenly Father. Identifying and reforming these can make all the difference in the world.

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A Resurrection Day Posture Worth Modeling

Jesus is to be feared because he rose from the dead, but he is also to be joyfully worshipped because he did this for us.

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Don’t Put God in a Box

When you read the NT you see the demonstration and description of miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit. Right away on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) the people are speaking in tongues. Not long after we see the dead raised, lame healed, and people transported. It is a powerful outbreaking of the Holy Spirit in an arresting way.

When you read these things (and their corresponding descriptions, instructions, and warnings) a Christian must ask if these so-called miraculous gifts are operative today (i.e. the gifts of tongues, healing, & prophecy). Do we today see the same types of things happening as we did in the early chapters of Acts?

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