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Ever feel like the average pastors' conference wasn't quite for you? Wish the average pastors' conference spoke to the pastors who were a little more . . . well, average? We're introducing The Normal Pastor Conference for any church leader who may feel a little discouraged in ministry, maybe a little outside the scope of the common church growth wisdom or a little left out when it comes to the ever-changing trends in church resources.

This isn't about big churches or small churches or big platforms or small platforms. Whatever your ministry context or scale, The Normal Pastor is for any minister who is a little more convinced each day that he needs a lot more gospel and a lot less of himself. If you long less for building a ministry empire and more for leaving a legacy of simple faithfulness to the local church, we think that's normal. And this conference is for you.

Join me, Zack Eswine, Erik Raymond, and Joe Thorn in Orlando, FL on August 7-8. Conference cost is just $50, and we hope to keep it that way. You can help by registering today!

More details to come.

Sponsored by The CSB.

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One thought on “The Normal Pastor Conference, August 7-8”

  1. Ken Brown says:

    Jared, the title under your photo is not as average as the other speakers.

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