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I am pleased to share with you a new initiative at Liberty Baptist Church in the Northland Kansas City (MO) that we hope will contribute to the next generation of solid, gospel-centered, mission-minded local church pastors. As our church has continued to grow, we’ve realized that our current efforts at discipling and training are not enough. A vital aspect of the gospel expansion taking place at LBC must be a more intentional process for serving men who are discerning a call to ministry.

We are pleased today to announce the launch of The Pastoral Training Center (PTC), Liberty Baptist Church's formal residency program for the mentoring of men pursuing a call to gospel ministry. I will personally be leading this 18-month cohort-based process in which participants will collaborate in discussions on assigned readings, undergo group and one-on-one coaching, and receive on-the-ground ministry experience, which may include visitation, evangelism, teaching service in the church, preaching opportunities (at Liberty and beyond), and shadowing our pastor, Nathan Rose, as well as other leaders.

If you are a current or prospective student at Midwestern Seminary, this would be an ideal complement to your studies, and we do hope you’ll consider applying. Perhaps this opportunity can be part of your decision in choosing Midwestern for your seminary education. Our aim is certainly not to try replicating the seminary experience but instead to provide the experiential context and personal discipleship/coaching that will support and buttress your educational training. If you’re not a seminary student but are following a call to vocational ministry, PTC may still be for you, and we can customize your training to offset some of the deficiencies formal education would normally fill.

Interested? The first program starts this September and the deadline to apply is June 1. Space is limited to maximize the effectiveness for everyone involved, so don’t delay in applying.

Learn more about The Pastoral Training Center and apply here

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  1. This is excellent, brother! So thankful for you all at LBC! May more churches model this!

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Jared C. Wilson is the Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Seminary, managing editor of For The Church, director of The Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church, and author of more than ten books, including Gospel Wakefulness, The Pastor’s Justification, and The Prodigal Church. You can follow him on Twitter.

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