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On the latest episode of the For The Church Podcast, Dr. Owen Strachan and I discuss the relative merits of The Benedict Option as presented in Rod Dreher’s new book.

– Is Benedict a good option for evangelicals?
– Are the critics of Dreher and his “strategy for Christians in a post-Christian nation” on target with their concerns?
– What can we learn from this approach to navigating the increasingly irreligious and hostile-to-religion cultural environs of the United States?
– And what exactly would it look like if Satan took over a city? The answer may surprise you.

Strachan, Midwestern Seminary‘s Associate Professor of Christian Theology and Director of The Center for Public Theology, is one of our tribe’s leading voices on the intersection of the gospel and the culture, and I think you’ll find our discussion thoughtful and provocative. Check it out.

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Jared C. Wilson is the Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Seminary, managing editor of For The Church, director of The Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church, and author of more than ten books, including Gospel Wakefulness, The Pastor’s Justification, and The Prodigal Church. You can follow him on Twitter.

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