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Reformed Theological Seminary has posted a list of books–in addition to the Bible–that are helpful to read in preparation for seminary.

You can view their extended list here.

Update: Jim Hamilton provides a list of books he thinks every seminary graduate should have read.

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7 thoughts on “RTS Reading List”

  1. Noah Braymen says:

    RTS has been an amazing experience for me! That extended list is long! :)

    In Christ

  2. Kyle says:

    It is interesting to see how similar the reading list is to what we read at WTS. The glaring exception is in the “Christian Counseling” section. I’m surprised not to see any of the WTS/CCEF guys listed, especially since it was my RUF pastor and an RTS grad who first introduced me to them.

  3. Tommy Myrick says:

    Check out this awesome list, 850 Books for Biblical Expositors, published by The Masters Seminary.

  4. Quarto says:

    This list appears full of amazing stuff (that I haven’t read), but it doesn’t sit well with me that there is only one sort of book here, namely prose “studies.” Where is the hymnody, poetry, art, drama, or fiction?

    (I think I made a similar comment about their categories back when CT released their annual book awards.)

    Why the apparent disregard among church-going readers for expressions of faith and life besides expository or analytical prose?


  5. Mike Garner says:

    I’d be curious to here if any RTS student has ever read all of the books in the extended list before entering seminary. I’d be happy to hear that most seminary grads had read 75% of those books after they completed their studies.

    I think that the saddest part is Jim Hamilton’s list where his first point reads as follows:

    The whole Bible in the student’s mother tongue (sadly, this should not be assumed).

    It should be impossible to graduate seminary without having read the Bible through. That is one of the reasons I like the concept of Westminster Theological Seminary requring a basic bible knowledge test yearly.

  6. Kyle says:

    As of last school year (when I graduated), Westminster Philly requires you to pass one English Bible exam in order to graduate. You have three chances to pass, and if you don’t pass then you are required to take an English Bible Survey course.

    I can’t say that knowing this test was looming encouraged me to read my Bible all the way through. Rather I simply hoped that being raised in church in Sunday school would help pull me through.

    What I thought was more effective were the Biblical Theology classes that required you to outline books of the Bible.

  7. jc says:

    Mike Garner,
    I’d be interested to see a copy of WTS’s annual Bible Knowledge Quiz.

    (are there any students who flunk? if so, what happens to them?)

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