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If you’re reading this post, you’ve discovered that Between Two Worlds has a new home, here at The Gospel Coalition. So let me say just a few things about that.


On the technical / design side of things, I’m grateful to my friends Matthew Taylor (Taylor Design Works) and Joshua Sowin (Rainsong Media) for putting this blog together. I’ve long wanted Matthew to do design work on my blog, and this gave us an opportunity to work together. And Josh (formerly the Website Manager at Desiring God) has done a wonderful job of making everything actually functional.

The Gospel Coalition

I’m also thankful for TGC Executive Director Ben Peays and Executive Editor Mike Pohlman. These guys, in addition to both being PhD candidates, are working fulltime to make The Gospel Coalition website a clearinghouse for gospel-centered resources to serve the church.

I deeply resonate with TGC’s vision, as seen in their foundational documents: The Gospel for All of Life, Confessional Statement, and Vision for Ministry. It’s an honor for me to have Between Two Worlds seen under that doctrinal umbrella and ministry vision. Don Carson and Tim Keller–along with the rest of the members of the Council–are fathers and brothers in the Lord to me, and it’s a real privilege to partner with them.

I’m also excited about their plans and dreams for the TGC website. I’m just the first blogger to be added to their lineup; there will be more to come. And starting today TGC has its own blog, run by Mike. One of the distinctives of the TGC blog is that it will work against the implied premise of blog architecture, namely, that “the newer is the truer / the latest is the greatest.” So I think we’ll be seeing some of the “best of the web”–not just from today, but also from the recent past.

The Old Site and the New Site

We’re still working out the kinks with regard to the old site and this one. The goal is to have all the old posts archived here (though there’s a glitch that Blogger currently allows only 5,000 posts to be imported). So as of right now the posts from 2004-2005 aren’t on the site. But everything else should be.


If you’ve previously been subscribed to BTW, you’ll have to resubscribe for this site. There are some different options (which you can view in the right-hand column):

You can also follow the posts on Twitter (and soon on my Facebook page).I’d encourage you to subscribe one way or the other, and to update any bookmarks you might have. If you have a blog and have linked to mine on your blogroll, changing to the new address would be much appreciated, too. I know it’s one of those pesky things to do and it’s easy to procrastinate. But your help on this would be appreciated.

Comment Policy, Full Disclosures, Advertising, Etc.

I’ve added a little About page that tries to cover a few details. (For example, I’m not an employee of, or paid for blogging by, TGC.) I’ve also included a word on commenting, contact information, and what ministries should do if they want to advertise on my blog.

Final Thanks

Finally, just a quick but sincere word of thanks to you, the readers of this blog. I started this blog five years ago this month. I’m not sure how many posts I’ve written, but I think it’s at least 7,000.  I’m thankful for the encouragement many of you have offered, and I’m grateful to God if he’s used it in any way to inform you and strengthen your faith. I hope Between Two Worlds, here at its now home at The Gospel Coalition, will serve you in the days ahead.

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54 thoughts on “Between Two Worlds at The Gospel Coalition”

  1. Mike Pohlman says:

    The blog looks great, Justin! May God continue to bless your ministry!

  2. Congratulations Justin, looks great!


  3. Denny Burk says:

    Groovy digs, brother! I’m making the changes.

  4. Wouldn’t it be easier to 301 redirect your Blogspot site the new GC address?

    That way when someone searches in Google for your posts, you don’t have two separate results appear. Both your web guys should know how to do this.

  5. Justin Taylor says:

    Thanks, guys.

    Taylor: I believe the redirect will be in effect tomorrow.


  6. J.C. Ryle says:

    Your new blog home looks fantastic. It’s extremely simple to navigate, subscribe to, comment on and overall, has little clutter and the font is easy on the eyes. Great move Justin!

  7. Mike Escutia says:

    Wow, this looks fantastic (as does the rest of the TGC site)! I’ve been wondering when you’d leave Blogspot for more customized digs. :)

  8. Sandy Grant says:

    Hi Justin, thanks for this wonderful resource and its new home.

    Just a small thing I’ve been meaning to mention for ages. The link to Biblical Foundations in the blogroll leads to a page not found error and needs fixing! I think it should be instead.


  9. WOW! Upgrade. Looks great in here. Cant wait to read whatever comes next.

  10. Justin Taylor says:

    Thanks, Sandy. Fixed it.


  11. Aaron says:

    Love the new look, Justin. Nicely done.

  12. Niles says:

    Very nice, Justin!

  13. Casey says:

    Thanks, I’ve made the change. Love the new site! My Google Reader widget shortened the title of the last blog to “Between Two Worlds Moving to the Gospel.” I was thinking something had to be wrong.

  14. Tim Schaaf says:


    Not a huge deal, but one thing I loved about your old feed was that I could read the entire post, even long ones, in my blog reader. Now you’ve got two lines and then the “…” making you jump to your site.

    Any way you could go back to pushing out the whole article? That saved me a ton of time.


    1. Justin Taylor says:

      Tim: it should be set up now to include the full post in the feed.


  15. Hugh says:

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I thought the old site was much kinder on the eye! It was bright, had a good clear font, and had nice big pictures. But this one’s a bit on the deary side, with a harder-to-read gray font and small pictures…don’t wait too long before the next make-over please! =O)

    1. Josh S says:

      Hopefully you’re the only one. :)

      1. Chris T says:

        Wow, talk about a buzz kill, Hugh. So much for tact, timing and discernment. You could have given him 12 hours.

        1. Hugh says:

          Yeah looks like I was too hastily resistant to change…apologies for the lack of tact, discernment and timing! I should (and do) repent and die slowwwwly… =O)

  16. Trevin Wax says:

    Congratulations on the new site, Justin. It looks great! Thanks for putting great gospel-centered content before our eyes every day.

  17. Congrats on the new site, JT. It’s a vast improvement over blogspot.


  18. Yasmin says:

    love this new look – congrats!

  19. K-Funk says:

    I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other regarding the historicity of Adam, but I think it’s healthy for evangelicals to keep an open mind about all non-essential issues.

    1. Truth Unites... and Divides says:

      I don’t.

      1. Josh S says:

        Srsly, open minds are for people who care about finding truth — not defending beliefs!

  20. Ben Cheney says:

    Interested that you’ve changed the “subtitle” on the new blog, and in particular that the word “politics” has disappeared… does this mean that political issues will largely be disappearing from BTW?

  21. Matt Heltzel says:

    Hey Justin,

    Love the blog. You should come out and hang on our floor at Moody sometime. Bryan Litfin hung out with us a for a couple hours the other day, and thought you should come in and do the same, haha… But seriously, any night of the week we’d love to have you come share anything on your heart sometime… Or just chat and have pancakes with us…


  22. Being a freelance WordPress developer, I’m happy to see that you switched from a Blogger powered blog to a WordPress powered blog. For one thing, I like commenting here much better than Blogger’s service. Plus, I’ll bet that you’ll find the backend much more efficient and powerful.

    I’ve enjoyed your stuff through the years and was able to catch up with you again via a link from Tim Challies this morning. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with your posts. Already shared a couple of good finds on Twitter this morning.

  23. Jennifer says:

    The twitter updates don’t seem to have migrated yet.

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      Jennifer, they’ve got it on a to-do list and will try to complete it shortly. Thanks!

  24. Alex says:

    I got a Kindle for my birthday and signed up for your blog on 9/19/09. When I go to the Kindle Store it does not show your new site and says I have already subscribed to your blog but it is not tied to your new feed. Can you help?

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      Alex, sorry about this! I’ve written to Amazon to find out how to switch over. My apologies.

      1. Alex says:

        Thanks and I also wanted to congratulate you on the new blog site. It looks great and I look forward to cpntinued great content at your new location on the web.

  25. Good stuff Justin. Apparently moving blogs is one of the three most stressful life experiences. I think I got that right…

  26. Chris Watkins says:

    no room for the joshua project

    but room for your grill on the side


  27. Moe Bergeron says:

    Justin, Discerning Excellence is what you have always brought to the table. Carry on soldier of the Cross!

  28. COngratulations, JT! Nice site.

  29. Montell W. says:

    So what do people think about the whole 122112 prophecy? Is it biblical? Can we count on it? Any connections to Daniel chapter 9 or Hezekiah 6-8? Seriously, what are you doing to prepare? Should churches be doing something to help educate their parishioners? What is the biblical code of ethics saying here?

    1. Josh S says:

      These predictions have been made hundreds of thousands of times throughout history, and they’ve always been wrong. I wouldn’t put any stock in this one, either.

  30. We’ll get the new address in our blog roll right away. All the best to you!

  31. Isaias says:

    Hi Justin, congratulations for new home. I´m brazilian reader. His books are well accepted among us. Thanks.

  32. Bret says:

    Apparently I’m behind the times here…just found the new site. Congrats!

    I subscribe via RSS/xml and used to get a long list of most-recent posts. Now I only see ten. Can we get that bumped back up to 25 or so?

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      Done. Thanks!

  33. Alex says:

    Still not able to download on Kindle? Any word from Amazon?

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      Not yet. So sorry. I’ll let you know just as soon as I hear something.

  34. Hugh says:

    Justin, how do you get past the first page of results after making a subject search? I typed in ‘music’ and got the latest posts – can I reach your previous posts on music? Thanks for the wonderful blog…

    1. Justin Taylor says:

      Thanks, Hugh! We fixed that, so now you can see multiple pages.

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