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2 thoughts on “An Interview on Christology with Bruce Ware”

  1. To what extent can Christ’s “humanity” be explained by means of : “having imposed on him the *limitations* which are common to all human beings”?

    Therefore anything Jesus did which was supernatural was done as a man acting in the power of God, not because he was somehow a superhuman man, endowed “naturally” with superhuman abilities which were not predicated on, and subordinate to, his relationship to his Father.

    He was limited by all the things which limit us, but also exemplified the life of a man who relies primarily on God’s provision over natural provision, understands the father’s will and is able to harness the supernatural power of the spirit which the father makes available to him because of his own righteousness?

    By dint of his sinless nature, he was able to fully grasp the godly perspective (or was this vice versa?) and thus demonstrate the life of the perfect servant of God, and achieve what he achieved?

    For those of you with expertise in this area, please correct me if I’m missing the point!

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