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I’m glad to see that a number of sermons from Tim Keller at Redeemer are now being made available online for free.

Redeemer's Sermon Ministry has been faithfully recording, cataloging and reproducing all of our sermons for the past 20 years. To celebrate all 20 years of our history, and to meet the growing demand for our church's teaching in New York City and around the world, we have created this resource of 150 sermons and lectures covering a broad array of topics, completely free to download and share.

The recordings chosen for the Free Sermon Resource were culled from classic sermon series as well as lectures and seminar addresses delivered to various Redeemer ministry gatherings, and are intended to present to the listener the full scope of teachings they would receive over several years of active involvement at Redeemer.

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11 thoughts on “Free Keller Sermons”

  1. Mike Francis says:

    Looking forward to the day when every single one of Rev. Keller’s sermons will be free, following Desiring God’s model.

    1. Thomas Bullock says:

      I think Redeemer’s website makes it pretty clear why they don’t do this – any teaching of Keller’s is supposed to be used to augment the gospel centered teaching you already hear in church, and having to pay per sermon is another way to encourage you to go be a part of a real Christian community.

    2. Coach says:

      I think they also fund mercy ministry with the proceeds from mp3 sales.

    3. Sam Harrell says:

      Not wanting to release sermons based on the idea that it will subvert genuine community is a valid concern. Except that, the way that Jesus is using Keller’s preaching never leaves you unresponsive and isolated. Its humble of them to think that, but they aren’t living life on the outside of their fellowship.

  2. Anyone any ideas how to download them in bulk, rather than painstakingly clicking through each link?

  3. Jugulum says:

    If you use Firefox, and if you can see all the links on one page, then I recommend the DownThemAll Add-on. You can download all the links on a page or in a selected area of text. You can set it to filter based on file type, too, so that you only download the mp3 links.

    (The site’s super-slow right now, so I can’t check whether all the links are on one page.)

  4. hendermc says:

    finally, i have been waiting a long time for this!

  5. Nathan Wall says:

    This is great news! I have been wanting more Keller sermons for quite a while.

    I wonder why they’re not making them all free though… But I can’t complain, 150 sermons will keep me busy for quite a while.

  6. T.C. R says:

    This is awesomely good. Thanks, JT.

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