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Our friends at Broadman & Holman have a new Study Bible coming out, and they have a bit of fun contrasting it with the size of the ESVSB!

Update: Looks like the video has been removed.

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32 thoughts on “HCSB Study Bible”

  1. Michael Dixon says:

    I have recently converted to using ESV over HCSB, but I will definitely go to LifeWay and see if it’s worth buying.

  2. MarieP says:

    LOL! That’s great!!!

  3. Erick C. says:

    Sissie, all of them :-)
    We dispelled this myth (that the ESVSB is too heavy) last year:

  4. Erick C. says:

    Sissys, all of them :-)
    We dispelled this myth (that the ESVSB is too heavy) last year:

  5. Bill Haynes says:

    The commercial is indeed funny . . . but I just can’t trust a translation that translates “strong drink” as “beer”. And I’m a Southern Baptist. Where else did they put in their bias?

    1. Steve Henderson says:

      Yo, Bill. Writing to you from Munich, the beer capital of the world! Just wanted to point out a few items.

      1. The translation of beer is legit, and expresses no SBC bias. The Hebrew word skr has cognates in Akkadian (sikaru) and clearly refers to beer.

      2. The NIV inconsistently translates it “beer” and “fermented drink” and that is likely due to their editorial committee structure: it’s “beer” in Proverbs, the prophets and 1 Samuel, but “fermented drink” in the Pentateuch.

      3. The NT in Luke 1:15 uses sikera in reference to John the Baptist. Can’t drink it. NASB curiously translates “liquor” but…

      4. Distillation of spirits, producing “strong drink” or “liquor” as we know it, was unknown in the ANE and in NT times.

      5. And just for fun, in France a few years back, I found a beer with the brand name “Sikaru” so I bought it (for research purposes).

      1. Aaron says:

        Milwaukee is the beer capital.

    2. Will says:

      Bill, just for the record, the HCSB does not translate the term “strong drink.” That term is itself a translation. The HCSB translators used the original languages for their translation, not an English version. It’s a translation, not a revision.

  6. ChrisB says:

    Cute. I’ve never really looked at the HCSB in any detail, and I doubt I will, but cute.

  7. I’m really not fond of the HCSB. Always translate the text I preach and then compare translations. Frequently come away puzzled at the HCSB choice of words.

  8. Hardcore Southern Baptist says:

    This should be renamed the Hard Core Southern Baptist study BIble…

  9. matt morales says:

    HAHA…It is so true. While the ESV SB is excellent you don’t want to lift it without using your legs :)

  10. Loren Eaton says:

    She dropped a ginormous study Bible … on her DOG!


  11. jason says:

    I find myself using ESV study bible site much more than I use my actual ESVSB.

    1. Scott Howard says:

      Ditto on the ESVSB web site. A great resource. I also like OliveTree’s iPhone/Blackberry/Palm ESV Study Bible.

  12. Doug Phillips says:

    I couldn’t get the video to play, or find it at the Broadman/Holman site…any help, anyone? Thanks.

  13. Tim Worley says:

    Love the HCSB! This is great news!

  14. John says:

    I love my ESVSB, and agree that the online resource is fantastic. Now I have some of the greatest theologians of the age right on my 4G htc Hero (better than the iPhone). But the issue with the HCSB is not its notes or lack thereof, it is with the language. There are scores of NT passages where I have looked at the Greek and then the HCSB and just said “huh?” That being said, I do have some issues with the ESVs translation of Psalms and some of the poetic portions of other books. They just sound really clunky, especially when read aloud. Someone more knowledgable in Hebrew, is my thought on this out of line? I really like the poetic sound of the KJV psalms.

    1. Will says:

      John, when you say you take issue with the language of the HCSB do you mean specific word choices or the way it sounds?

      If you mean word choices, take heart–the Study Bible is being released in an updated edition that does away with some awkward words.

      If you mean the way it sounds, then that of course, is your preference. It’s funny that sometimes I find ESV fans praising that translation precisely because it has such a clunky sound to it (to use your word). They say it sounds more like the Bible. I just find the ESV to use such awkward, archaic syntax and words that it makes it difficult to read and understand.

      I love the fact that the HCSB is a courageous, fresh translation that sounds like spoken English. I’ve devoted quite a large portion of my blog to writing about it. I hope the HCSB and the ESV both overtake the NIV and KJV as the most-used Bibles among English readers.

  15. Mark Smith says:

    I too could not get the video to play or find it elsewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  16. Ditto on the video not working.

  17. Dan Phillips says:

    Nah! It’s just restin’!

  18. jon b says:

    video doesn’t work

  19. Greg Cahalan says:

    Video is still not working.

  20. Andy says:

    I love love love my ESVSB (and the online component), but I also have an HCSB Apologetics Study Bible. The translation is lacking some of the poetry I’ve enjoyed in such translations as the ESV and the NKJV, but I have found many of the notes, which are geared specifically towards matters of apologetics, to be helpful in deciphering some of the more controversial passages. On rare occasions, I find that the ESVSB notes don’t satisfactorily address the questions presented.

  21. Tyler says:

    Here is the video on Youtube

  22. Terry says:

    Absolutely hilarious!

    It is good to have a date for the HCSB Study Bible. A great translation – my preference to replace the NIV and I realize this is not the safest forum to say it but to do the same for the ESV (because yes I think the ESV is very “clunky” in word choice and sentence structure – not natural). But that is also is choice and preference (before you shoot me, note that I did not say the ESV was terrible or the HCSB was the greatest thing next to the original autographs).

    In addition to the Study Bible coming in October 2010, there is also a Student version of the Apologetics Study Bible scheduled to arrive early in 2010.

  23. mileskor says:

    I agree with Terry, and I’ll go further to say that the HCSB is a superior translation to the ESV. The ESV is clunky, accurate, wooden, and disjointed. “Flow” is the price of an “essentially literal” approach, I suppose. Modern English speakers should take an honest look at the HCSB, and they’ll see that it speaks the same language as they do.

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