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9 thoughts on “Steve Nichols: Gheens Lectures at Southern Seminary”

  1. telos104 says:

    Who’s Steve Nichols? Just wondering…regardless, topic looks real good, Clark.

  2. Jeff Downs says:

    Steve Nichols is a professor at Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster PA. He is a graduate from WTS and author of many good books. Do get to know his writings.

  3. Steve Nichols is very God-gifted individual, especially in the area of writing.

  4. Scott says:

    I appreciate his writing a lot.

    I had never seen him though, and I’ll be honest, he looks like he’s 12!

    1. Jeff Downs says:

      Well, back in 1997 or so, he looked even younger and he was receiving his PhD at WTS. It was very depressing to us who, at least felt older than he looked (some of us are not too much younger), but were much “younger” in our theological knowledge. :)

  5. jim thompson says:

    where is the Holy Spirit? :)

  6. Whoa, Nichols made it to Between Two Worlds! He goes to my church, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, PA. Good to see him out there – we’re very blessed to have him with us in our local church and the Church.

  7. Gunner says:

    Just spoke at The Master’s College, too, and he’s a very humble, warm, thoughtful man along with being a top-rate theologian. Very refreshing to be around him.

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